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LXD 4.10 リリースのお知らせ

8th of January 2021


LXD チームは LXD 4.10 のリリースをお知らせできることにとてもワクワクしています!

このリリースは軽めのリリースです。それは、LXD チームは 12 月 18 日から 1 月 4 日までお休みをいただいていたためです。しかし、多くのバグフィックスといくつか新しい改良が行われました。



ネットワークの状態表示内の VLAN 情報

ボンディングやブリッジの情報のように、新たに VLAN 構造をネットワーク状態のエンドポイントに追加しました。これは下位デバイスとインターフェースの VLAN ID を表示します。

root@abydos:~# lxc query /1.0/networks/bond-sw01.100/state
    "addresses": [],
    "bond": null,
    "bridge": null,
    "counters": {
        "bytes_received": 213651991756,
        "bytes_sent": 42453202,
        "packets_received": 97607519,
        "packets_sent": 431818
    "hwaddr": "0a:0f:7c:6e:db:d9",
    "mtu": 1500,
    "state": "up",
    "type": "broadcast",
    "vlan": {
        "lower_device": "bond-sw01",
        "vid": 100

VM のプロキシーデバイスのサポート(NAT のみ)

仮想マシンで proxy デバイスが使えるようになりました。
これは NAT モード(nat=true)でのみ機能するので、両サイドで同じプロトコルを使う必要があります。


ブリッジネットワークインターフェースに新たに security.port_isolation を追加しました。これによりインターフェース間の通信を制限できるようになりました。


イメージプロパティへのアクセス、設定、解除のために、新たに lxc image コマンドに 3 つの新しいサブコマンドを追加しました。

  • lxc image get-property
  • lxc image set-property
  • lxc image unset-property


stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc image get-property 305db7054652 os
stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc image set-property 305db7054652 foo bar
stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc image get-property 305db7054652 foo
stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc image unset-property 305db7054652 foo

VM 内のマルチキューネットワーキング

仮想マシン上のネットワークインターフェースは、仮想マシンに割り当てられた仮想 CPU の数と一致するように RX キューおよび TX キューの数を自動的に設定するようになりました。




すべてのChangeLog を見る
  • lxd/network/network/interface: Adds Project function
  • lxd/network/driver/common: Adds Project function
  • lxd/network/driver/common: Remove cluster notification and DB record removal from delete() function
  • lxd/network/driver: Always delete when requested, ignore LocalStatus() pending
  • lxc/networks: Remove revert removal on failure of clustered network in networksPost
  • lxd/networks: Allow re-create of pending network when pending nodes already exist in networksPost
  • lxd/networks: Adds revert to doNetworksCreate
  • lxd/networks: Moves cluster notification an DB record removal into networkDelete
  • shared/api: Fix typo
  • shared/api: Add NetworkStateVLAN
  • lxd/resources: Add VLAN struct
  • api: Add network_state_vlan
  • lxd/instance/qmp: Update for go-qmp change
  • lxd/backup: Fix URL in lifecycle events
  • Add DeepSource config
  • Use result of type assertion to simplify cases
  • Replace .Sub(time.Now()) with time.Until() handler
  • Remove unnecessary fmt.Sprintf() on string
  • Omit comparison with boolean constant
  • lxd/db/networks: Adds duplicate key detection to getNetworkConfig
  • lxd/db/networks: Adds NetworkErrored function
  • lxd/db/networks: Changes UpdateNetwork to not set created status
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Reject instance port start if cannot find DHCP options
  • lxd/networks: Updates doNetworksCreate to accept a Network rather than load its own
  • lxd/networks: Debug log consistency in doNetworksCreate
  • lxd/networks: doNetworksCreate usage
  • lxd/networks: When auto creating pending nodes, don't pass global config into DB function in networksPost
  • lxd/networks: Adds networkPartiallyCreated helper function
  • lxd/networks: Updates networksPostCluster to detect existing global config and skip create if already exists
  • lxd/api/cluster: Skip non-created networks when joining
  • lxd/device/nic: Don't allow NICs to use networks that are not created
  • lxd/db/networks: Renames ClusterTx GetNonPendingNetworks to GetCreatedNetworks
  • lxd/db/networks: Renames Cluster GetNonPendingNetworks to GetCreatedNetworks
  • lxd/api/cluster: cluster.GetCreatedNetworks usage
  • lxd/network: tx.GetCreatedNetworks usage
  • lxd/networks: s.Cluster.GetCreatedNetworks usage
  • lxd/patches: tx.GetCreatedNetworks usage
  • test/suites/clustering: More network clustering tests
  • lxd/db/networks: Tighten restrictions in CreatePendingNetwork to only allow pending nodes to be added while network is pending
  • lxd/networks: Allow single node cluster network create using --target
  • lxd/db/cluster/update: Adds patch updateFromV41 function
  • lxd/storage/pools/utils: Debug log consistency in storagePoolCreateLocal
  • lxd/db/storage/pools: Adds duplicate key detection to getStoragePoolConfig
  • lxd/storage/pools: storagePoolsPost comments line width
  • lxd/db/storage/pools: Adds StoragePoolErrored function
  • lxd/db/storage/pools: Renames GetNonPendingStoragePoolNames to GetCreatedStoragePoolNames
  • lxd/api/cluster: cluster.GetCreatedStoragePoolNames usage
  • lxd/storage/pools/utils: Renames id arg to poolID in storagePoolCreateLocal
  • lxd/storage: s.Cluster.GetCreatedStoragePoolNames usage
  • lxd/storage/pools: Restructures storagePoolsPost to align with networksPost
  • lxd/storage/pools: Updates storagePoolsPostCluster to reject global config on re-create attempts
  • lxd/storage/pools: Adds storagePoolPartiallyCreated function
  • test/suites/clustering: Updates storage pool status tests
  • lxd/db/storage/pools: Improve errors in CreatePendingStoragePool
  • test/suites/clustering: Adds additional storage pool state tests
  • lxd/db/cluster/update: Adds patch updateFromV42 function
  • lxd/device: Add support for bridge port isolation
  • api: Add instance_nic_port_isolation extension
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp/monitor: Handle closed event channel from qmp package in run
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Logs when instance is stopped in getMonitorEventHandler
  • lxd/instance/operationlock: Fixes deadlock caused by call to Reset in Create
  • lxd/instance/operationlock: Store operation in instanceOperations before calling go routine
  • lxd/instance/operationlock: Exit go routine started in Create when the operation is done
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Detect IPv6 DHCP options correctly
  • lxd/device: allow adding proxy device to VM instances
  • lxd/instance/drivers: run device post-start hooks in QEMU driver
  • doc: update proxy doc to reflect VM support
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Switches to network.InterfaceExists for clarity
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Remove host side veth interface if exists in postStop
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Adds support for physical uplink interface to be a bridge
  • lxd/db/networks: Corrects comment on GetCreatedNetworks
  • lxd/network/driver/physical: Clarify error when changing parent interface when in use
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Don't apply updates to node when network is pending
  • lxd/network/driver: Don't apply changes to node if network is pending
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Only apply local node changes if both pool and node status are not pending
  • lxc/image: Add support for directly getting, setting and unsetting image properties
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • lxd/db/cluster/update: Modifies updateFromV43 and updateFromV42 to use IFNULL(node_id, -1) to avoid nodes with 0 ID
  • lxd/db/cluster: Adds updateFromV43 patch that adds unique index to storage_pools_config and networks_config table
  • doc: features.networks is not enabled by default for projects
  • shared/util: Adds StringHasPrefix function
  • lxd/device/disk: Adds sourceIsLocalPath function
  • lxd/device/disk: Use shared.StringHasPrefix when validating ceph/cephfs prefixes
  • lxd/device/disk: Use d.sourceIsLocalPath when validating source host path exists
  • lxd/instance/qemu: Enable multiqueue on tap NICs
  • lxd/instance/qemu: Use a minimum of 2 network queues
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Error quoting in RestoreVolume
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Don't fail in DeleteInstanceSnapshot if volume DB record already deleted
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Fix deleting subsequent snapshots for ZFS in RestoreInstanceSnapshot
  • lxd/instances/post: Use source.Project when loading instance to get instance type in containersPost
  • lxd/instances/post: Rename project to targetProject to differentiate between source.Project in containersPost
  • lxd/instances/post: Error quoting in containersPost
  • lxd/instances/post: Add comment about default instance type for migration in containersPost
  • lxd/instances/project: Import project package normally and rename project var to projectName
  • lxd/instances/post: Populate req.Source.Project with project.Default if not specified in containersPost
  • test/suites/projects: Adds tests for copying snapshot to another project
  • doc/image-handling: Fix typo
  • shared/proxy: Support CIDR ranges in no_proxy
  • simplestreams: Drop duplicated slash
  • lxd/instance/drivers/qmp: Fix race in Disconnect
  • test/suites/static/analysis: Fixes ineffassign usage due to upstream changes
  • lxd/instance: Copy snapshot expiry in instanceCreateAsCopy
  • lxd/migration: Rebuilds protobuf using protoc v3.14 and latest
  • lxd/migration: Adds expiry_date field to snapshots protobuf
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Populate expiry date in snapshotToProtobuf
  • lxd/migrate/storage/volumes: Populate zero expiry date in volumeSnapshotToProtobuf
  • lxd/storage/migration: Populate expiry date in snapshotProtobufToInstanceArgs
  • lxd/migration/migration/volumes: Updates TypesToHeader and MatchTypes to use a pointer to MigrationHeader
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Avoid copying migration.MigrationHeader due to new internal state lock added by protobuf
  • lxd/migrate/storage/volumes: Avoid copying migration.MigrationHeader due to new internal state lock added by protobuf
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Fix snapshotToProtobuf to not use loop pointer for device name
  • lxd/storage/migration: Conistently use accessor functions in snapshotProtobufToInstanceArgs
  • test/suites/snapshots: Adds test for local copy of snapshot expiry date
  • test/suites/migration: Adds test for copying snapshot expiry date during migration
  • test/suites/migration: Adds test to ensure snapshot devices are copied during migration
  • lxd/storage/quota/projectquota: Consistent comment endings and error quoting
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/utils: Updates setQuota to remove old quota if volID has changed
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/utils: Modifies setupInitialQuota to not use initQuota
  • lxd/api/internal: Updates internalImportFromRecovery to reinitialise root disk quota
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds mayExist argument to LogicalRouterAdd
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds mayExist argument to LogicalRouterSNATAdd
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Simplifies LogicalRouterRouteAdd
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds mayExist argument to LogicalRouterPortAdd
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds LogicalRouterSNATDeleteAll function
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Clear unused keys in LogicalSwitchSetIPAllocation
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds support for clearing unused settings in LogicalRouterPortSetIPv6Advertisements
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds LogicalRouterPortDeleteIPv6Advertisements function
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Enforce that ipv6.address if specified is at least a /64 subnet
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Pass update flag to mayExist where possible
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Delete SNAT rules from route before adding new ones
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Improve SNAT failure errors
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Pass update to mayExists when setting up default routes
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Create internal router port before DHCP option setup
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Modifies IPv6 RA settings and removes them entirely when IPv6 disabled
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Don't return DHCPv6 subnet if IPv6 prefix smaller than /64
  • lxd: Rename Operation types
  • lxd/db: Rename operation type descriptions
  • lxd/network/network/interface: Adds handleDependencyChange function
  • lxd/network/driver/common: Adds notifyDependentNetworks function and no-op placeholder handleDependencyChange function
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Adds handleDependencyChange function
  • lxd/network/driver/physical: Calls notifyDependentNetworks when config is updated
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds LogicalRouterDNATSNATDeleteAll function
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Clarifies DNAT_AND_SNAT related function comments
  • lxd/network/openvswitch/ovn: Adds LogicalSwitchPortExists function
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Moves instance NIC port config parsing into InstanceDevicePortConfigParse function
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Updates InstanceDevicePortAdd to accept an uplinkConfig argument
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Clarifies argument names in the context of an OVN dependent network in handleDependencyChange
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Updates handleDependencyChange to handle changes to uplink network's ovn.ingress_mode setting
  • lxd/device/nic/ovn: Updates NIC to use and updated
  • lxd/resources: Always initialize lists
  • lxd/storage/utils: Improves error message in VolumeUsedByExclusiveRemoteInstancesWithProfiles
  • lxd/db/instances: Updates InstanceList to accept filter to pass to GetInstances()
  • lxd/db/instances: Clarifies comment and arg name on GetLocalInstancesInProject
  • lxd/db/instances/test: cluster.InstanceList usage
  • lxd/storage/utils: s.Cluster.InstanceList usage
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: n.state.Cluster.InstanceList usage
  • lxd/patches: InstanceList usage
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: Adds SR-IOV allocation functions
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: Updates SRIOVGetHostDevicesInUse to use InstanceList()
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: Adds network usage support to SRIOVGetHostDevicesInUse
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: SRIOVGetHostDevicesInUse usage
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: Updates SRIOVFindFreeVirtualFunction args to not need Device
  • lxd/network/network/utils/sriov: Adds SRIOVGetVFDevicePCISlot function
  • lxd/network/network/utils: Adds InterfaceBindWait function
  • lxd/device/pci: Adds PCI device management package
  • lxd/device/infiniband/sriov: SRIOV network function usage
  • lxd/device/nic/physical: Use pci package
  • lxd/device/gpu: Use pci package
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: network.InterfaceBindWait
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: Use pci package
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: SRIOV network function usage
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: Comment clarity in setupSriovParent
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: Removes networkGetVFDevicePCISlot function
  • lxd/device/device/utils/generic: Removes pci functions
  • lxd/device/device/utils/network: Removes networkInterfaceBindWait function
  • lxd/device/device/utils/instance: Removes instanceGetReservedDevices function
  • lxd/network/driver/bridge: Comment improvements
  • lxd/network/driver/ovn: Updates addChassisGroupEntry to generate chassis priority using stable random value
  • i18n: Update translations from weblate
  • lxd/init: Clarify https listener question
  • doc: Fixes typo in macvlan NIC section


この新しい LXD リリースは私たちの デモサービス で利用できます。


このリリースの tarball は ダウンロードページ から取得できます。


  • Linux: snap install lxd
  • MacOS: brew install lxc
  • Windows: choco install lxc