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Incus 0.4 has been released

21st of December 2023


The Incus team is pleased to announce the release of Incus 0.4!

This is going to be the last release of Incus to feature changes coming from LXD as Incus has now been forced into being fully independent.

Incus 0.4 comes with some exciting new features, like the built-in keep-alive mode in the client tool, improvements to certificate/trust store management, new OVN configuration keys and the ability to directly create CephFS filesystems.

It also comes with significant improvements to both the OpenFGA and OVN handling, putting infrastructure in place for upcoming new features!


You can try it for yourself online:

The Incus team wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year, see you in 2024!



Re-licensing and contributor agreement on the Canonical LXD project

Canonical has made the decision to re-license Canonical LXD under the AGPLv3 license as well as require all new contributions to come from individuals or organizations that have signed the Canonical Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

Incus will remain under the Apache 2.0 license and as a result will no longer import any changes from LXD. This also means that as Incus changes are not under the AGPLv3 license and are generally not from individuals or organizations that have signed Canonical's legal agreement, those changes no longer qualify for inclusion into LXD.

You'll find more details on this here:

Phasing out of image server access for LXD users

Related to the change above as well as Canonical's decision to no longer put any resources into assisting with day to day operations of our image builds, access to the community image server (images: remote) is going to be phased out for LXD users.

This will occur over a period of around 5 months. We strongly recommend anyone using LXD to run non-Ubuntu images to start planning their migration to Incus.

You'll find more details on this here:

New features and highlights

Keep-alive support in CLI client

A new keepalive configuration key can be directly set on a remote in ~/.config/incus/config.yml.
This key, to be set to an integer number of seconds, defines how long to keep a background connection with the Incus server (time since last use).

The way this works is that the command line tool will automatically spawn a background process (incus remote proxy) which will connect to the target server, handle authentication and do some minimal caching, then provide a unix socket to communicate with the remote server.

Any new instance of the command line tool will then automatically detect and use that unix socket, bypassing all of the connection and authentication steps, leading to significantly lowered latency. We've measured this to provide up to 30% performance improvement for use cases that spawn a lot of incus commands like Ansible.

Description field for certificate entries

The certificate entries (/1.0/certificates) now have a Description field, aligning them with the vast majority of other Incus objects.

Reworked incus config trust list

incus config trust list has been reworked to show more useful columns by default, including the aforementioned description column. Those columns are also now configurable similar to a number of similar list commands in the Incus client.

stgraber@chulak:~$ incus config trust list
|        NAME        |  TYPE   |                 DESCRIPTION                  | FINGERPRINT  |          EXPIRY DATE          |
| ansible            | client  | Ansible access to all instances              | 58ea2754fe55 | Dec 14, 2030 at 3:07am (UTC)  |
| athos              | server  |                                              | fad46455a46b | Aug 13, 2033 at 11:11pm (UTC) |
| celestis           | server  |                                              | 903d3e69de2c | Aug 16, 2033 at 12:24am (UTC) |
| chulak             | server  |                                              | ab805a2bc6af | Aug 6, 2033 at 5:48am (UTC)   |
| delmak             | server  |                                              | 1f6be459e591 | Aug 14, 2033 at 10:39pm (UTC) |
| gh-actions-manager | client  | Github self-hosted test runners              | e5bc1b5df649 | Aug 11, 2033 at 8:47pm (UTC)  |
| maas-region01      | client  | MAAS controller access to lab VMs            | 9be434462768 | Dec 26, 2031 at 5:10pm (UTC)  |
| prometheus01       | metrics | Metrics gathering                            | ede97eae54df | Oct 30, 2031 at 8:57pm (UTC)  |
| try-it             | client  | incus-demo-server access to try-it instances | fff8465939e4 | Sep 16, 2033 at 4:54am (UTC)  |

OVN SSL keys as server configuration

A set of new configuration keys have been added to allow specifying the SSL certificates and keys to access OVN. When set, those take precedence over any keys found in /etc/ovn/.

  • network.ovn.ca_cert
  • network.ovn.client_cert
  • network.ovn.client_key

CephFS filesystems can now be directly created

Until now, creating a cephfs storage pool required the particular filesystem instance defined through the source key to already exist in Ceph.

But now, the cephfs.create_missing config key can be set to true along with setting cephfs.data_pool and cephfs.meta_pool to indicate what OSD pool to consume which will result in Incus creating a new cephfs filesystem.


This feature was first introduced in LXD.

Complete changelog

Here is a complete list of all changes in this release:

Full commit list
  • lxd-to-incus: Allow bypassing version check
  • lxd-to-incus: Record PID in backup and log
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers: Add comments for lxd-agent udev rules, systemd unit, and serial devices
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: consistently rely on $PATH to find binaries
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: mount the config drive as readonly
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: reduce the size of /run/incus_agent tmpfs and set nodev,nosuid,noatime
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: do not preserve the ownership during the cp to avoid chown
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers: Cleanup old incus-agent symlink in install script
  • [lxd-import] lxc/move: Prevent pool migration to block project migration
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance_post: Determine root device from profiles in target project
  • [lxd-import] lxc/move: Throw an error when unsupported move flags are used
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Use chunking
  • docs: update iso import in instances_create
  • lxd-to-incus: Unmount any leftover mounts
  • lxd-to-incus: Support LXD COPR
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Add new cephfs create keys
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Update cephfs entity helpers
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Add DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize to driver Info struct
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/btrfs: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/ceph: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/cephfs: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/dir: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/lvm: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/mock: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/zfs: Set drivers DefaultVMBlockFilesystemSize
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/backend: Use drivers default VM block volume size for config filesystem
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Use drivers default VM block size for filesystem volume
  • [lxd-import] lxd/project: Fix typo in comment
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers: Use the pools default VM block filesystem size
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage: Use the pools default VM block filesystem size
  • [lxd-import] lxd/project: Add TODO for instance limits accounting
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance: Use stable random generator for temporary instance name
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance: Improve error message
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: Run specific remote config only for Ceph backends
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Create cephfs entities if keys specified
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Revert osd/fs creation
  • [lxd-import] doc/reference: Add doc reference for new config keys
  • [lxd-import] shared/version: Add storage_cephfs_create_missing extension
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Collect subvolumes via filepath traversal if in nested container.
  • [lxd-import] doc/howto: Make pool name consistent in iso tutorial.
  • [lxd-import] test/suites: Add cephfs create_missing test
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Bump timeouts to 10s
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Return correct error
  • doc/ add a target/label for this file
  • internal/server/db: Remove function doDbScan
  • internal/server: Use Retry function
  • internal/server/db: Unwrap dbQueryRowScan function
  • internal/server/db: Unwrap queryScan function
  • internal/server/db: Remove exec function
  • doc/ add installation steps for Gentoo
  • doc: Add build instruction on AlpineLinux
  • incusd/apparmor/rsync: Fix in nested containers
  • doc/installing: Use tabs for package instructions
  • doc/installing: Fix typo
  • doc/installing: Move source instructions to tab layout
  • incusd/metrics: Remove maps from internal API
  • internal/server/instance: Update for new internal metrics API
  • lxd-agent: Update to new internal metrics API
  • doc/authentication: Update reference to command to match split of config trust add and config trust add-certificate
  • incusd/state: Add new ServerClustered field
  • incusd: Use ServerClustered
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Only sync resources on the leader
  • incusd/auth: Make volumes location specific
  • incusd/auth: Make buckets location specific
  • incusd/auth: Allow variable identifiers
  • incusd/db/cluster: Add location support to URLToEntityType
  • incusd/project: Pass location data
  • incusd/storage: Pass location data
  • incusd: Update for URLToEntityType
  • incusd: Remove duplicate permission check on bucket delete
  • incusd: Update OpenFGA resources for location
  • incusd: Update permission checks for buckets
  • incusd: Update permission checks for volumes
  • incusd/auth: Add location support in ObjectFromRequest
  • doc/lxd-to-incus: Add mention of group changes
  • build(deps): bump actions/labeler from 4 to 5
  • doc: Add NixOS to wordlist
  • doc/installing: init NixOS instructions
  • github: Pin OpenFGA to v1.3.7
  • github: Update for new labeler
  • incusd/project: Add ImageProjectFromRecord
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Fix diff logic to compare the correct objects
  • incusd/images: Perform access control after fingerprint expansion
  • incusd: Add expansion of image and certificate fingerprints
  • incusd: Add expansion of project names for inheritance
  • incusd/images: Record downloaded images with authorizer
  • incusd/images: Don't use request context in authorizer for background operations
  • incusd/projects: Don't use request context in authorizer for background operations
  • incusd/storage/drivers: Add singular helper for volume types
  • incusd/storage: Update authorizer for all operations
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Handle offline servers
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Allow for later resources refresh
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Re-sync resources hourly
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Fix handling of cluster members
  • incusd: Use expanded cert fingerprint in authorizer check
  • Revert "github: Pin OpenFGA to v1.3.7"
  • [lxd-import] doc/instances: change pool name to be consistent
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance_post: Retain root disk device if not explicitly changed
  • [lxd-import] test: Add tests for server-side instance move
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu_cmd: Return clean EOF error
  • [lxd-import] github: have curl fail instead of feeding bogus data on download error
  • [lxd-import] api: Add API extension for improved server-side move
  • [lxd-import] .github/workflows: remove shiftfs
  • [lxd-import] lxd/metadata: remove shiftfs
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers: Set correct RBD content type for qemu drives
  • [lxd-import] lxd/db/instances: Fix instance names from project not retrieved
  • [lxd-import] lxd/cluster/config: Add missing description default values
  • [lxd-import] lxd/node: Add missing description default values
  • [lxd-import] Update metadata
  • [lxd-import] doc: remove shiftfs
  • tests: Re-introduce storage shifting test
  • [lxd-import] shared/api/instance: Expand InstancePost structure
  • [lxd-import] lxc/move: Respect all flags on server-side move
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance_post: Respect provided config, device and profile overwrites on move
  • [lxd-import] tests: Add server-side move tests
  • [lxd-import] doc: Update API
  • [lxd-import] i18n: Update translations
  • [lxd-import] lxc/move: Overwrite profiles only if explicitly provided by the user
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance_post: Retain previous profiles on instance move
  • [lxd-import] tests: Improve tests for instance move
  • [lxd-import] lxd/cluster: Retry cluster join if cluster is busy
  • doc: Fix url to documentation
  • doc/cloud-init: Fix spellcheck error
  • shared: remove shiftfs
  • api: ovn_ssl_config
  • incusd/cluster/config: Add OVN SSL config keys
  • doc: Update configs
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Support OVN SSL config keys
  • internal/linux: Implement CreateMemfd
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Port to memfd
  • internal/server/response: Don't re-send headers when streaming
  • incusd/operations: Use ManualResponse to send headers early
  • incus: Fix typo in comment
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/s3/miniod: Discover port using IPv4 address family
  • [lxd-import] lxd-agent: Prevent panic when dev-incus server is stopped
  • [lxd-import] lxd/storage/drivers: Always copy Ceph VMs filesystem volume
  • [lxd-import] doc/cloud-init: overwrite link text to make spell checker happy
  • incusd/storage: Use Shutdown context for import from backup
  • incusd/storage: Fix size check for ISO volumes
  • [lxd-import] client: Always use event listener for operations.
  • [lxd-import] lxd/instance/drivers/qemu: Load storage pool before accessing it
  • lxd-to-incus: Add security.devlxd to deprecated keys
  • lxd-to-incus: Delete old OVN bridges
  • lxd-to-incus: Mangle project and profile descriptions
  • Revert "[lxd-import] client: Always use event listener for operations."
  • lxd-to-incus: Don't spam the output with command failures
  • incusd/instance/qemu: Properly set cdrom type
  • incus/remote: Add remote proxy command
  • i18n: Update translations template
  • shared/cliconfig: Add keepalive config field
  • incus/remote: Clear Keepalive field for proxied connections
  • shared/cliconfig: Add keepalive proxy support
  • incusd/endpoints: Also hide read errors from proxies
  • build(deps): bump actions/setup-go from 4 to 5
  • internal/server/db: Add description field to certificate
  • incusd/certificates: Add support for description field
  • shared/api/certificate: Add description field
  • api: certificate_description
  • doc/rest-api: Refresh swagger YAML
  • incus: Variable certificate store columns
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • tests: Update for incus config trust list changes
  • Makefile: Make sure we never import the AGPL version of LXD
  • gomod: Update dependencies
  • [lxd-import] golangci: Updates the metalinter configuration.
  • [lxd-import] lxd/firewall/drivers: Removes unnecessary break statements from switch.
  • [lxd-import] test/lint: Add script to invoke golangci-lint with '--new'.
  • [lxd-import] Makefile: Remove invocation of golangci-lint from Makefile.
  • [lxd-import] client/lxd/instances: Treat nil args as empty InstanceExecArgs in ExecInstance
  • [lxd-import] client/lxd/instances: Always consume pings from control socket if established in ExecInstance
  • [lxd-import] client/lxd/instances: Discard non-interactive stdout/stderr output if writer(s) not supplied in ExecInstance
  • [lxd-import] client/lxd/instances: Remove unnecessary args nil check
  • [lxd-import] doc/storage/cephfs: specify that you can automatically create pools
  • lxd-to-incus: Update for LXD 5.20
  • incusd/instance: Properly revert OpenFGA on failure
  • incus/move: Only use server-side move when dealing with a single server
  • incus/instance/qemu: Remove legacy udev rule
  • internal/cgo: Move to shared/cgo
  • global: Update for shared/cgo
  • internal/idmap: Move to shared/idmap
  • global: Update for shared/idmap
  • shared/idmap: Don't depend on internal packages
  • test/lint/golangci: Add missing trailing new line
  • test/golangci: Handle some common upstream branch names
  • test/README: Fix bad binary names
  • github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE: Fix bad binary names
  • test/golangci: Better handle Github refs
  • test/golangci: Fetch GITHUB_BEFORE reference
  • doc: Fixed typos
  • lxd-to-incus: Add shiftfs check
  • incusd/firewall/iptables: Make sure to always use locking
  • doc/installing: Remove redundant instructions
  • README: Tweak section about Incus creation
  • doc/migrate: Add link to installing page
  • build(deps): bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4
  • Makefile: Bump to OpenFGA 0.3.1-go1.20
  • gomod: Update dependencies
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Update for OpenFGA 0.3.1
  • mini-oidc: Implement user store
  • incusd/auth/openfga: Handle small model differences
  • shared: Fix comments typo
  • Makefile: Add update-ovsdb
  • gomod: Add libovsdb
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Add OVS and OVN schemas
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Remove unused functions
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Remove useless code
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Split OVN logic
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Add OVN database types
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Add native ovsdb client
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Simplify logic
  • golangci: Don't complain about unused receivers
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Use pointer receiver for LogicalRouterDelete
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Port ChassisGroupChassisAdd to ovsdb
  • incusd/server/network: Move ovn to separate package
  • Makefile: Update for new OVN package
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Update for separate ovn package
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Move TCP flags to ovn package
  • incusd: Update for network/ovn
  • incusd/network/openvswitch: Rename to ovs
  • Makefile: Update for OVS package
  • incusd: Update for OVS package rename
  • incusd: Fix import shadowing
  • tests: Skip lint on OVSDB schemas
  • incusd/network/ovs: Re-organize the package
  • incusd/network/ovs: Rename OVS struct to VSwitch
  • incusd: Update for NewVSwitch
  • incusd/network/ovn: Re-organize the package
  • incusd/network/ovn: Add new Southbound client
  • incusd/network/ovn: Move GetLogicalRouterPortActiveChassisHostname to SB
  • incusd/network: Update for GetLogicalRouterPortActiveChassisHostname
  • incusd/network/ovn: Replace OVN struct with NB
  • incusd: Update for OVN NB struct
  • incusd/network/ovn: Port PortGroupInfo to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovn: Port LogicalSwitchPortDynamicIPs to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Add OVSDB client
  • incusd: Update for NewVSwitch changes
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port BridgeExists to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port ChassisID to OVSDB
  • incusd/network/ovs: Port OVNBridgeMappings to OVSDB
  • Makefile: Set min OVN version to 22.03.0
  • incusd/network/ovn: Update schemas
  • incusd/network/ovs: Fix empty OVNBridgeMappings
  • incusd/network/ovn: Wait for port to appear


The Incus documentation can be found at:


There are no official Incus packages as Incus upstream only releases regular release tarballs. Below are some available options to get Incus up and running.

Zabbly packages for Debian and Ubuntu

Zabbly provides both daily and stable builds of Incus to Debian and Ubuntu users:

Homebrew package for the Incus client

The client tool is available through HomeBrew for both Linux and MacOS.

Chocolatey package for the Incus client

The client tool is available through Chocolatey for Windows users.


At this early stage, each Incus release will only be supported up until the next release comes out. This will change in a few months as we are planning an LTS release to coincide with the LTS releases of LXC and LXCFS.

Community support is provided at:
Bugs can be reported at: