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LXC 1.0.2 release announcement

This is the second bugfix release for the LXC 1.0 series.



  • core: Fix parsing lxc.netwotk.type = none
  • core: Fix race on shutdown causing SIGPIPE being sent to the caller
  • core: Attempt to move back all "phys" NICs on shutdown
  • core: fix stdin,stdout,stderr fds to use the container's own
  • core: Fix typo in newgidmap check
  • core: Fix {get|clear}_config_item with
  • core: Fix a leak of netnsfd
  • core: Don't trigger SYSERROR for optional mounts
  • cgmanager: Mutex cgmanager access to avoid races, corruptions and crashes when using threads.
  • cgmanager: Make failure to connect to the daemon a DEBUG instead of ERROR (as we fallback to cgfs in that case)
  • cgmanager: Avoid stray dbus connection
  • cgmanager: Don't attempt to delete invalid cgroups


  • lxc-ls: Performance optimization for nesting
  • lxc-ls: Fix memory reporting when swap is enabled
  • lxc-ls: Update help to contain all supports columns


  • man: Update lxc-create manpage to cover the "best" backing store
  • man: Update lxc-autostart to document -a and -g


  • tests: Don't hardcode the cgroup list
  • tests: Daemonize in startone (silences the test)
  • tests: Support running solely with cgmanager
  • tests: Use busybox when possible (speeds up tests)
  • tests: Fix fd leak in test-concurent


  • templates: Update to consistent userns device list
  • busybox template: Don't fail when busybox is a symlink
  • centos template: Shutdown on SIGPWR
  • centos template: Use a sane default for localtime
  • debian template: Symlink /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts
  • debian template: Don't eat the argument after -c
  • fedora template: Shutdown on SIGPWR
  • fedora template: Use a sane default for localtime
  • fedora template: Fix building i686 containers on x86_64
  • opensuse template: Fix syntax error


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 1.0.2.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.