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LXC 1.0.3 release announcement

8th of April 2014
This is the third bugfix release for the LXC 1.0 series.



  • core: Always initialize netpipe in lxc_spawn.
  • core: Move lxc-monitord.log to LOGPATH instead of LXCPATH.
  • core: Make monitord more resilient to unexpected termination.
  • core: Move lxc-init to /sbin/init.lxc instead of the architecture/distro specific multiarch path.
    Use path lookup to find it in the container rather than using an hardcoded path.
  • core: Set macvlan default mode to private.
  • core: Check whether rootfs is shared before running the pre-mount hooks.
  • apparmor: Update the profiles for current upstream apparmor.
    This includes tweak to the pivot_root targets and the addition of the ptrace and signal stanzas.
    Users of older apparmor versions may want to comment the dbus, ptrace and signal stanzas
    if the parser fails to parse the profile.
  • apparmor: Use an intermediary profile which allows for easier generation of complex rules.
    This discovered a few problems with the existing profile which has now been fixed.
    Most of /proc/sys is now properly blocked with exceptions for kernel/shm/, net/, kernel/domainname and kernel/hostname.
  • apparmor: block cgroupfs by default in the with-nesting profile, users should now be using cgmanager which doesn't required this.
  • cgmanager: Fix a small cgm_get bug when len == 0.
  • lxc-info: Don't print duplicate lines.
  • sysvinit script: Fix wait_for_bridge to better parse default.conf
  • tools: Don't exit -1, instead use more conventional and consistent exit codes 0 on success, 1 on failure with some (now documented) exceptions for lxc-start.


  • archlinux template: Add debugging info for missing network link.
  • archlinux template: Various fixes and cleanups.
  • centos template: Properly set lxc.arch.
  • download template: Make it a bit more resilient to download failures.
  • fedora template: Properly set lxc.arch.
  • gentoo template: Make sure sshd is started.
  • gentoo template: Fix lack of generated locales.
  • gentoo template: Fix lxc-console by setting up a tty.
  • oracle template: Fix upgrade problems by introducing a patch script that's run on upgrade.


  • tests: Add a test for the apparmor profiles.
  • tests: Bump timeouts to fix occasional failures on slow ARM builders.
  • tests: Always propagate http_proxy and https_proxy.


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 1.0.3.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.