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LXC 1.0.4 release announcement

13th of June 2014
This is the fourth bugfix release for the LXC 1.0 series.



  • core: Don't call nih_dbus_setup for cgmanager as it's only relevant when using a nih main loop, which we're not.
  • core: Fix uncheck realloc in lxc_info. (found by cppcheck)
  • core: At startup, manually mark every shared mount entry as slave.
  • core: Check for pre-existing /dev symlinks before attempting to create them.
  • core: Fix fd leak. (found by coverity).
  • core: Allow all iX86 strings for lxc.arch.
  • core: Fix building using clang 3.4.
  • core: Fix minor typo in .gitignore.
  • core: Add missing MAX_STACK_DEPTH define on MUTEX_DEBUGGING builds.
  • core: Don't mount /sys/fs/cgroup readonly as this breaks at least mountall.
  • core: Factor out capability parsing logic.
  • core: Tweak the default values of for the cgroup and cgroup-full keys to adapt themselves depending on whether CAP_SYS_ADMIN has been dropped or not.
  • core: Support unprivileged create, clone and destroy with btrfs.
  • core: Support named subsystems with cgmanager.
  • core: Use absolute cgroup paths to switch cgroups at attach with cgmanager. This allows for unprivileged lxc-attach across user sessions of the same user.
  • core: Detect whether cgmanager supports name= subsystems.
  • core: Use the same ifndef/define format for all headers.
  • core: Fix bashism in lxc-devsetup.
  • core: Fix a null check after dereference (identified by coverity).
  • core: Export bdev_specs so that API users can actually use the functions taking it as an argument.
  • core: Don't destroy the container until we've made sure the requested snapshot actually exists.
  • core: Retrieve the container personality over the command interface rather than through /proc.
    This is required for unprivileged containers attach on the 3.15 kernel and higher as access to /proc/$$/personality is now restricted to root.
  • core: Fix invalid signal number comparison.
  • core: Don't let -lcgmanager end up in LIBS.
  • core: Correct invalid log message when keeping capabilities.
  • core: Fix a crash when attempting to snapshot an invalid container.
  • core: Make it possible for unprivileged containers started by root to mount block devices.
  • core: Improve startup failure mode to hide irrelevant error messages and suggest how to debug the failure.
  • core: Validate start hooks path before startup.
  • core: Log the whole cgroup path on failure.
  • apparmor: Allow writes to sem* and msg*. sysctls


  • doc: Fix typo in lxc-clone man page.
  • doc: Fix puncation marks in Japanese man pages.
  • doc: Fix typo in lxc-ls manpage.
  • doc: Correct license on some files and fix FSF address.
  • doc: Document lxc.mount.entry relative target.
  • doc: Remove TODO file with old items.
  • doc: Fix reference to renamed manpage.
  • doc: Update japanese documentation to be in sync with the english one.


  • lxc-create: Make "none" bdev type work as documented.
  • lxc-execute: Fix a memory leak on the exit path.
  • lxc-ls: Fix running against nested containers without python support.
  • lxc-user-nic: Don't crash on missing bridge.
  • lxc-autostart: Backport the autoboot/autostart change.
    This is required to resolve problems with autostart on
    systemd systems at least.
    This change adds support for the NULL group in the -g
    option (identified as a comma without any group name).
    Add a new special "onboot" group and set the init
    scripts (sysvinit, systemd and upstart) to all start
    both the NULL and onboot group.
    This won't cause any visible change to existing users
    unless they were already using an "onboot" group that wasn't
    auto-started at boot time.


  • alpine template: Set correct lxc_arch for x86.
  • archlinux template: Add sigpwr handler.
  • archlinux template: Fix lxc.root for btrfs backend.
  • download template: Retry the GPG setup step 3 times.
  • fedora template: Correct some systemd target setups.
  • oracle template: Use db_load from inside the container.
  • oracle template: Fix warnings/errors from some rpm scriptlets.
  • oracle template: Fix to be 644 (fixes rpmlint warning).
  • oracle template: Add pts/[1-4] to securetty for libvirt-lxc.
  • oracle template: Set the hostname on systemd systems.
  • oracle template: Fix ssh login under libvirt-lxc.
  • plamo template: Don't attempt to configure wireless interfaces.
  • sshd template: Use correct lxc-init path.


  • python3: Slight tweaks to the .py files to work with the unofficial python2.7 binding.
  • python3: Don't fail network test if hwaddr isn't set by the template.
  • python3: Don't require a template name be passed to create().
  • python3: Don't crash on invalid global config keys.
  • python3: Fix crash in snapshot().


  • tests: Make sure we join all the right cgroups.
  • tests: Workaround race condition in lxc-test-autostart.

Those stable fixes were brought to you by 14 individual contributors.


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 1.0.4.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.