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LXC 1.1.1 release announcement

This is the first bugfix release for LXC 1.1.


  • config: Allow FUSE access by default (instead of individually in most templates)
  • Make /proc/sys/net writable when using proc:mixed (required for network config)
  • Set the process title of backgrounded LXC to an identifiable name
  • Fix get_config_item with
  • Fix some tty issues with attach
  • Add powerpc support to seccomp
  • oracle: Fix unprivileged lxc-console
  • centos: Fix unprivileged lxc-console
  • plamo: Change way to create objects under /dev in the container
  • lxc-top: Fix long container names rendering
  • LVM: Use rdepends for non-thinpool container clones
  • gentoo: Fix base image download
  • Various manpages update

Those stable fixes were brought to you by 13 individual contributors.


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 1.1.1.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.