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LXC 2.0.1 release announcement

This is the first bugfix release for LXC 2.0.

The main bugfixes in this release are:

  • apparmor: Also allow fstype=fuse for fuse filesystems
  • attach: adapt lxc-attach tests & add test for pty logging
  • attach: don't fail attach on failure to setup a SIGWINCH handler.
  • attach: fix a variety of lxc-attach pts handling issues
  • attach: switch console pty to raw mode (fixes ncurses-based programs)
  • attach: use raw settings of ssh for pty
  • bindings: fixed python-lxc reference to var before assignment in create()
  • bindings: set PyErr when Container.__init__ fails
  • cgfsng: defer to cgfs if needed subsystems are not available
  • cgfsng: don't require that systemd subsystem be mounted
  • core: Added missing type to keys in lxc_list_nicconfigs
  • core: Allow configuration file values to be quoted
  • core: log: remove duplicate definitions and bump buffer size
  • core: sync: properly fail on unexpected message sizes
  • core: Unshare netns after setting the userns mappings (fixes ownership of /proc/net)
  • core: various fixes as reported by static analysis
  • c/r: add an option to use faster inotify support in CRIU
  • c/r: rearrange things to pass struct migrate_opts all the way down
  • doc: ignore temporary files generated by doxygen
  • doc: tweak manpage generation date to be compatible with reproducible builds
  • doc: update MAINTAINERS
  • doc: update to translated manpages
  • init: add missing lsb headers to sysvinit scripts
  • init: don't make sysv init scripts dependent on distribution specifics
  • init: drop obsolete from
  • lxc-attach: add logging option to manpage
  • lxc-checkconfig: better render when stdout isn't a terminal
  • lxc-create: fix -B best option
  • lxc-destroy: avoid double print
  • lxc-ls: use fewer syscalls when doing ipc
  • templates: Add apt-transport-https to minbase variant of Ubuntu template
  • templates: fix a typo in the capabilities name for Gentoo (sys_resource)
  • templates: logic fix in the Centos template for RHEL7+ support
  • templates: tweak Alpine DHCP configuration to send its hostname
  • templates: tweak to network configuration of the Oracle template


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 2.0.1.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.