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LXC 2.0.2 release announcement

28th of June 2016
This is the second bugfix release for LXC 2.0.

Please do not use LXC 2.0.2, instead use 2.0.3 which fixes
an accidental regression in AppArmor coverage.

The main bugfixes in this release are:

  • apparmor: add make-rslave to usr.bin.lxc-start
  • apparmor: Allow bind-mounts and {r}shared/{r}private
  • apparmor: allow mount move
  • apparmor: Update mount states handling
  • core: Drop lxc-devsetup as unneeded by current autodev
  • core: Fix redefinition of struct in6_addr
  • core: Include all lxcmntent.h function declarations on Bionic
  • c/r: c/r: use criu's "full" mode for cgroups
  • systemd: start containers in foreground when using the lxc@.service
  • templates: debian: Make sure init is installed
  • templates: oracle: Fix console login
  • templates: plamo: Fix various issues
  • templates: ubuntu: Install apt-transport-https by default
  • travis: ensure 'make install' doesn't fail
  • travis: test VPATH builds
  • upstart: Force lxc-instance to behave like a good Upstart client


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 2.0.2.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.