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LXC 2.0.7 release announcement

23rd of January 2017
This is the seventh bugfix release for LXC 2.0.

The main bugfixes in this release are:

  • attach: Close lsm label file descriptor
  • attach: Non-functional changes
  • attach: Simplify lsm_openat()
  • caps: Add lxc_cap_is_set()
  • conf: attach: Save errno across call to close
  • conf: Clearly report to either use drop or keep
  • conf: criu: Add make_anonymous_mount_file()
  • conf: Fix suggest_default_idmap()
  • configure: Add --enable-gnutls option
  • configure: Check for memfd_create()
  • configure: Check whether gettid() is declared
  • configure: Do not allow variable length arrays
  • configure: Remove -Werror=vla
  • configure: Use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to detect major()/minor()/makedev()
  • conf: Non-functional changes
  • conf: Remove thread-unsafe strsignal + improve log
  • init: Add cgroupfs-mount to Should-Start/Stop sysvinit LSB headers
  • log: Add lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
  • log: Annotate lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
  • log: Drop all timezone conversion functions
  • log: Make sure that date is correctly formatted
  • log: Use lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
  • log: Use N/A if getpid() != gettid() when threaded
  • log: Use thread-safe localtime_r()
  • lvm: Suppress warnings about leaked files
  • lxccontainer: Log failure to send sig to init pid
  • monitor: Add more logging
  • monitor: Close mainloop on exit if we opened it
  • monitor: Improve log + set log level to DEBUG
  • monitor: Log which pipe fd is currently used
  • monitor: Make lxc-monitord async signal safe
  • monitor: Non-functional changes
  • python3-lxc: Fix on s390x
  • start: Check for CAP_SETGID before setgroups()
  • start: Fix execute and improve setgroups() calls
  • state: Use async signal safe fun in lxc_wait()
  • templates: lxc-debian: Don't try to get stuff from /usr/lib/systemd on the host
  • templates: lxc-debian: Fix getty service startup
  • templates: lxc-debian: Fix typo in calling dpkg with --print-foreign-architectures option
  • templates: lxc-debian: Handle ppc hostarch -> powerpc
  • templates: lxc-opensuse: Change openSUSE default release to Leap 42.2
  • templates: lxc-opensuse: Remove libgcc_s1
  • templates: lxc-opensuse: Remove -> copy
  • templates: lxc-opensuse: Set to be unconfined by AppArmor
  • templates: lxc-opensuse: Update for Leap 42.2
  • tests; Don't cause test failures on cleanup errors
  • tests: Skip unpriv tests on broken overlay module
  • tools: Improve logging
  • tools: lxc-start: Remove c->is_defined(c) check
  • tools: lxc-start: Set configfile after load_config
  • tools: Only check for O_RDONLY
  • tree-wide: Random macro cleanups
  • tree-wide: Remove any variable length arrays
  • tree-wide: Sic semper assertis!
  • utils: Add macro __LXC_NUMSTRLEN
  • utils: Add uid, gid, group convenience wrappers


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 2.0.7.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.