Data Fields
lxc_snapshot Struct Reference

An LXC container snapshot. More...

#include <lxccontainer.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * comment_pathname
char * timestamp
char * lxcpath
void(* free )(struct lxc_snapshot *s)
 De-allocate the snapshot. More...

Detailed Description

An LXC container snapshot.

Field Documentation

char* lxc_snapshot::comment_pathname

Full path to snapshots comment file (may be NULL)

void(* lxc_snapshot::free) (struct lxc_snapshot *s)

De-allocate the snapshot.

char* lxc_snapshot::lxcpath

Full path to LXCPATH for snapshot

char* lxc_snapshot::name

Name of snapshot

char* lxc_snapshot::timestamp

Time snapshot was created

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