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LXCFS 2.0.8 release announcement

19th of October 2017

This is the eighth bugfix release for LXCFS 2.0.

This includes the following bugfixes:

  • bindings: Add mountpoint for unified hierarchy
  • bindings: Calculate uptime via proc//stat
  • bindings: Revert virtualization of 'btime' field due to regressions in ps
  • doc: Update README
  • init: Add cgroupfs-mount to Should-Start/Stop sysvinit LSB headers
  • lib: Add common fallback dlopen for
  • lib: Fix the installation directory for liblxcfs to ${libdir}/lxcfs
  • pam: Add a 'all' option for -c
  • pam: Chown cgroup.procs file on unified hierarchy
  • pam: Report back when we find a unified hierarchy
  • tests: Fix invalid comparison
  • uptime: Fix a problem with subsequent reads