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LXCFS 4.0.1 LTS has been released

19th of March 2020


The LXCFS team is pleased to announce the release of LXCFS 4.0.1!

This is the first bugfix release for LXCFS 4.0 which is supported until June 2025.


This release fixes a number of issues that were reported shortly following the original 4.0.0 release. Some of the highlights include:

  • CPU view (CFS) on CgroupV2 systems
  • Incorrect meminfo on CgroupV2 systems
  • Build failures on some Linux distributions
  • Crash on upgrade when CWD is no longer reachable
  • Harden upgrade logic, including a fall-back mechanism showing host values
  • Incorrect meminfo values on 32bit systems
  • Crash when accessing some virtual cgroupfs files
  • Improvements to tests

The full list of commits is available below:

Detailed changelog
  • proc_cpuview: add minimal support for unified cgroup layout
  • proc_fuse: fix meminfo with unified cgroup layout
  • configure: add -Wvla and -std=gnu11
  • tree-wide: add missing O_CLOEXEC
  • bindings: handle current working directory on upgrade
  • tree-wide: mark lxcfs fuse ops
  • bindings: make constructor failures non-fatal
  • liblxcfs: handle broken upgrade gracefully
  • usage: Fix cfs help
  • usage: Fix lxcfs description
  • proc_fuse: port to uint64_t
  • tree-wide: use {u}int64_t types
  • bindings: allow users to switch between virtualization and non-virtualization mode
  • test_proc: add SIGUSR2 virtualization switch tests
  • proc_fuse: remove unused variable
  • test_sigusr2: improve tests
  • bindings: introduce set_signal_handler
  • cgroup_fuse: fix cgroupfs virtualization needed on non-cgns systems
  • tree-wide: memory utils improvements
  • tree-wide: fix dot_or_empty()
  • cgroups: remove unused function
  • utils: shut up compiler
  • proc_loadvg: fixes
  • proc_cpuview: fix compiler warning
  • tree-wide: add and use must_make_path_relative()
  • tree-wide: remove is_relative() and use must_make_path_relative()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework is_child_cgroup()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_get_key()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_create()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_remove()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_chmod_file()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_chown_file()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework open_pids_file()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_set_value()
  • cgroup_fuse: rework cgfs_iterate_cgroup()
  • cgroup_utils: remove dot_or_empty()
  • tests: Silence build output
  • cgroup_fuse: actually make asz check mean something

Support and upgrade

The LXCFS 4.0 branch is supported until June 2025.
Only bugfixes and securitiy issues get included into the stable bugfix releases, so it's always safe and recommended to keep up and run the latest bugfix release.