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LXCFS 4.0.5 LTS has been released

3rd of August 2020


The LXCFS team is pleased to announce the release of LXCFS 4.0.5!

This is the fifth bugfix release for LXCFS 4.0 which is supported until June 2025.


Some of the highlights for this release are:

  • Fix bad swap value on hosts without memsw enabled
  • Fix some build issues

The full list of commits is available below:

Detailed changelog
  • proc_fuse: provide host values when kernel does not support swap accounting
  • bindings: update terminology
  • cgroups: update terminology
  • cgroups: replace leftover reference to legacy terms
  • bindings: provide lxcfs_clone() as wrapper around lxcfs_raw_clone()
  • .travis: use RTLD_NOW for tests
  • proc_fuse: remove unused variable
  • fix type mismatch

Support and upgrade

The LXCFS 4.0 branch is supported until June 2025.
Only bugfixes and securitiy issues get included into the stable bugfix releases, so it's always safe and recommended to keep up and run the latest bugfix release.