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LXC 1.0.6 release announcement

24th of September 2014
This is the sixth bugfix release for the LXC 1.0 series.

To make supporting both LXC 1.0 and the future LXC 1.1 easier, this version introduces the -F argument to lxc-start.
This argument is a no-op as lxc-start is already running in the foreground by default, but as that behavior will change in LXC 1.1,
introducing -F in 1.0 too allows for writing script which will work consistently on upgrades.



  • rootfs_is_blockdev: don't run if no rootfs is specified
  • confile: sanity-check netdev->type before setting netdev->priv elements
  • Fix typo in previous patch
  • Remove mention of mountcgroups in ubuntu.common config
  • remove mountcgroup hook entirely
  • Add SIGPWR support to lxc_init
  • Sysvinit script fixes
  • unprivileged containers: use next available nic name if unspecified
  • fix typo in btrfs error msg
  • apparmor: Allow slave bind mounts
  • provide an example SELinux policy for older releases
  • print a helpful message if creating unpriv container with no idmap
  • use non-thread-safe getpwuid and getpwgid for android
  • btrfs: support recursive subvolume deletion (v2)
  • fix '--log-priority' --> '--logpriority' in main
  • Fix a file descriptor leak in the daemonization
  • Fix a file descriptor leak in the monitord spawn
  • Ensure /dev/pts directory exists on pts setup
  • Do not allow snapshots of LVM backed containers
  • add lxc.console.logpath
  • coverity: don't use newname after null check
  • coverity: malloc the right size for btrs_node tree
  • introduce --with-distro=raspbian
  • cgmanager get/set: clean up child (v2)
  • Add extra debugging
  • Fix typo in the previous commit...
  • do_mount_entry: add nexec, nosuid, nodev, rdonly flags if needed at remount
  • command socket: use hash if needed
  • monitor: fix sockname calculation for long lxcpaths
  • show additional info if btrfs subvolume deletion fails (issue #315)
  • ignore SIGKILL (CTRL-C) and SIGQUIT (CTRL-) - issue #313
  • chmod container dir to 0770 (v2)
  • build: Fix support for split build and source dirs
  • mount_entry: use statvfs
  • lxc_mount_auto_mounts: honor existing nodev etc at remounts
  • statvfs: do nothing if statvfs does not exist (android/bionic)
  • Prevent compiler warning by initializing ifindex
  • build: don't remove configuration template on clean
  • build: Make run from srcdir to avoid distutils errors
  • handle hashed command socket names (v2)
  • lxc-cgm: fix issue with nested chowning
  • Report container exit status to monitord
  • support use of 'all' containers when cgmanager supports it
  • log: fix quiet mode
  • Fix build error(ISO C90 specs violation) in lxc.c
  • lxc_map_ids: don't do bogus check for newgidmap
  • lxc_map_ids: add a comment
  • clean autodev dir on container exit
  • As discussed on ML, do not clean autodev dir on reboot
  • Fix build failure due to slightly different rmdir
  • Fix presentation of IPv6 addresses and gateway


  • lxc-start: Add -F (foreground) option


  • all: Discontinue the use of in-line comments (stable)
  • all: Include hostname in DHCP requests
  • all: Switch from arch command to uname -m
  • altlinux: bugfixes
  • archlinux: Properly set default locale in /etc/locale.conf
  • centos template: prevent mingetty from calling vhangup(2)
  • download: Have wget retry 3 times
  • download: Make --keyserver actually work
  • gentoo: keep original uid/gid of files/dirs when installing
  • gentoo: Use portageq to determine portage distdir
  • plamo: keep original uid/gid of files/dirs when installing
  • plamo: bugfix template
  • ssh: send hostname to dhcp server
  • ubuntu: don't check for $rootfs/run/shm
  • ubuntu: add help string


  • lxc-test-{unpriv,}: make sure to chgrp as well
  • lxc-test-unpriv: test lxc-clone -s
  • tests: Call sync before testing a shutdown
  • tests: Copy the download cache when available [v2]
  • Fix the unprivileged tests cgroup management


  • doc: Mention that veth.pair is ignored for unpriv
  • doc: Add mention that veth.pair is ignored for unpriv in Japanese man
  • doc: Add -F option to Japanese lxc-start(1)
  • doc: Update the description of SELinux in Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
  • doc: Add 'zfs' to the parameter of -B option in lxc-create(1)
  • doc: add lxc.console.logpath to Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
  • doc: language correction
  • doc: Fix Japanese translation of lxc.container.conf(5)
  • doc: Add destroy option to lxc-snapshot(1)
  • doc: Add description about ignoring lxc.cgroup.use when using cgmanager

Those stable fixes were brought to you by 24 individual contributors.


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 1.0.6.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on GitHub.