Infrastructure for container projects. is the umbrella project behind LXC, LXD and LXCFS.

The goal is to offer a distro and vendor neutral environment for the development of Linux container technologies.

Our main focus is system containers. That is, containers which offer an environment as close as possible as the one you'd get from a VM but without the overhead that comes with running a separate kernel and simulating all the hardware.

Active projects


LXC is the well known set of tools, templates, library and language bindings. It's pretty low level, very flexible and covers just about every containment feature supported by the upstream kernel.

LXC is production ready with LTS releases coming with 5 years of security and bugfix updates.

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LXD is the new LXC experience. It offers a completely fresh and intuitive user experience with a single command line tool to manage your containers. Containers can be managed over the network in a transparent way through a REST API. It also works with large scale deployments by integrating with cloud platforms like OpenNebula and OpenStack.

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Userspace (FUSE) filesystem offering two main things:

  • Overlay files for cpuinfo, meminfo, stat and uptime.
  • A cgroupfs compatible tree allowing unprivileged writes.

It's designed to workaround the shortcomings of procfs, sysfs and cgroupfs by exporting files which match what a system container user would expect.

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Image building tool for LXC/LXD:

  • Complex image definition as a simple YAML document.
  • Multiple output formats (chroot, LXD, LXC).
  • Support for a lot of distributions and architectures.

distrobuilder was created as a replacement for the old shell scripts that were shipped as part of LXC to generate images. Its modern design uses pre-built official images whenever available, uses a declarative image definition (YAML) and supports a variety of modifications on the base image.

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Deprecated projects


CGManager is our cgroup manager daemon. It's designed to allow nested unprivileged containers to still be able to create and manage their cgroups through a DBus API.

CGManager was used by default with LXC in Ubuntu since April 2014 and then by other distributions as they started needing working unprivileged containers.

It has now been deprecated in favor of the CGroup namespace in recent Linux kernels. On older kernels, LXCFS still offers a cgroupfs emulation that can be used instead of cgmanager and is more widely compatible with existing userspace.

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