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LXC 2.1.1 has been released

19th of October 2017


This is the first bugfix release for LXC 2.1.


  • apparmor: Drop useless apparmor denies
  • cgfsng: Check whether we have a conf
  • cgfsng: Fail when limits fail to apply
  • conf: Error out on too many mappings
  • conf: Ignore lxc.kmsg and lxc.pivotdir
  • conf: Make update warning opt-in
  • conf: Preserve newlines in configuration file
  • conf: Remove dead assignments in parse_idmaps()
  • conf: Remove unnecessary zeroing
  • conf: Use the proper type for rlim_t, fixing build failure on x32.
  • console: Clean tty state + return 0 on peer exit
  • console: Remove dead assignments
  • core: Introduce userns_exec_full() and port the codebase to it
  • criu: Use correct check initialization check
  • doc: Add lxc.cgroup.dir to Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
  • doc: Add lxc-update-config manpage
  • doc: Document missing env variables
  • doc: Fix regex-typo in Japanese and Korean lxc-monitor(1)
  • doc: Fix regex-typo in
  • doc: Translate lxc(7) into Japanese
  • doc: Translate lxc-update-config(1) into Japanese
  • execute: Enable console & standard /dev symlinks
  • init: Become session leader
  • log: Fix a format string build failure on x32.
  • log: Prevent stack smashing
  • monitor: Remove dead assignment
  • network: Add missing checks for empty links
  • network: Clear ifindeces
  • network: Non-functional changes
  • network: Remove dead assignments
  • network: Use single helper to delete networks
  • start: Don't close inherited namespace fds
  • start: Move env setup before container setup
  • start: Pass LXC_LOG_LEVEL to hooks
  • start: Remove dead variable
  • start: Set environment variables correctly
  • start: Switch ids at last possible instance
  • storage: Avoid segfault on missing lxc.rootfs.path
  • storage: Fix typo in error message
  • storage/lvm: Fix thinpool logical volumes
  • storage/overlay: Do not write to invalid memory
  • storage/overlay: Fix use after free()
  • storage/zfs: Return error directly when zfs creation fails
  • template/alpine: Change file check to also check file size (-f => -s)
  • template/archlinux: Change locale "en-US.UTF-8" to "en_US.UTF-8"
  • template/debian: Don't force getty@ configuration
  • template/plamo: Delete unnecessary process during container shutdown
  • tests: Avoid NULL pointer dereference
  • tests: Remove dead assignments
  • tests: Support systemd hybrid cgroups
  • tools: Print "-devel" when LXC_DEVEL is true
  • tools/lxc-unshare: Do not pass NULL pointer
  • tools/lxc-update-config: Remove lxc.pivotdir and lxc.kmsg entries
  • tools/lxc-update-config: Strip lxc.rootfs.backend and properly handle IPv4 addresses
  • tools/lxc-user-nic: Remove double initialization
  • tools/lxc-usernsexec: Remove dead assignments
  • utils: Do not write to 0 sized buffer
  • utils: Duplicate stderr as well in lxc_popen()
  • utils: Fix lxc_popen()/lxc_pclose()
  • utils: Remove dead assignments in lxc_popen()


The release tarballs may be found on our download page and we expect most distributions
will very soon ship a packaged version of LXC 2.1.1.

Should you be interested in individual changes or just looking at the detailed development history,
our stable branch is on Github.