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LXC 1.0 - End of Life announcement

Jun 26, 2019


The LXC 1.0 LTS branch has reached its end of life.

Released on the 20th of February 2014, it received over 5 years of bugfixes and security updates from the LXC team as part of our commitment to Long Term Stable releases.

With it reaching the end of its supported life, we will no longer be accepting fixes to the stable-1.0 branch, nor run CI on this branch.

All remaining users should upgrade to a supported release as soon as possible.

Long term support releases

LXC upstream commits to 5 years support for its LTS branches.
Such branches exist for LXC, LXCFS and LXD and see bugfixes and security fixes backported to them.

No new features get added to those branches and only the latest LTS branch sees most bugfixes backported, once a new LTS branch is released, the previous one will only get security and critical bugfixes.

Migration paths

LXC 1.0 users can upgrade to LXC 2.0 LTS without any expected disruption nor configuration changes required.

Upgrading to LXC 3.0 LTS is also possible and doesn't require an intermediate upgrade to 2.0, however as 3.0 has a number of updated configuration options, you will need to run lxc-update-config and may need to manually handle some changes yourself.

Currently supported releases

There are currently 3 supported releases of LXC:

  • LXC 2.0 LTS (supported until June 2021)
  • LXC 3.0 LTS (supported until June 2023)
  • LXC 3.1 (feature release, end of life when 3.2 is released)