How to create and configure projects#

You can configure projects at creation time or later. However, note that it is not possible to modify the features that are enabled for a project when the project contains instances.

Create a project#

To create a project, use the lxc project create command.

You can specify configuration options by using the --config flag. See Project configuration for the available configuration options.

For example, to create a project called my-project that isolates instances, but allows access to the default project’s images and profiles, enter the following command:

lxc project create my-project --config features.images=false --config features.profiles=false

To create a project called my-restricted-project that blocks access to security-sensitive features (for example, container nesting) but allows backups, enter the following command:

lxc project create my-restricted-project --config restricted=true --config restricted.backups=allow

Configure a project#

To configure a project, you can either set a specific configuration option or edit the full project.

Some configuration options can only be set for projects that do not contain any instances.

Set specific configuration options#

To set a specific configuration option, use the lxc project set command.

For example, to limit the number of containers that can be created in my-project to five, enter the following command:

lxc project set my-project limits.containers=5

To unset a specific configuration option, use the lxc project unset command.


If you unset a configuration option, it is set to its default value. This default value might differ from the initial value that is set when the project is created.

Edit the project#

To edit the full project configuration, use the lxc project edit command. For example:

lxc project edit my-project