Project configuration

LXD supports projects as a way to split your LXD server. Each project holds its own set of containers and may also have its own images and profiles.

What a project contains is defined through the features configuration keys. When a feature is disabled, the project inherits from the default project.

By default all new projects get the entire feature set, on upgrade, existing projects do not get new features enabled.

The key/value configuration is namespaced with the following namespaces currently supported:

  • features (What part of the project featureset is in use)
  • user (free form key/value for user metadata)
Key Type Condition Default Description
features.images boolean - true Separate set of images and image aliases for the project
features.profiles boolean - true Separate set of profiles for the project

Those keys can be set using the lxc tool with:

lxc project set <project> <key> <value>