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LXD 0.2 release announcement

27th of February 2015
The major changes for this release are:

  • Initial version of the built-in image store
    • All containers must now be created from images
    • Images can be imported into LXD by using the provided "lxd-images" tool
    • Image aliases can be setup to make it easier to find your images
  • Database backend (all LXD data is now stored in a SQLite database)
  • Early stage of container configuration (partial API only)
  • Support for building for many architectures through gcc-go (not all dependencies are compatible)
  • Reworked exec mechanism
  • A lot of bugfixes

Please note that it's still early in the LXD development and that current LXD isn't intended
for production use and comes with no support statement from upstream.
(reported bugs and patches will be included in the next release)

We are still busy working on container migration, proper container configuration and a stable REST API.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.