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LXD 0.5 release announcement

24th of March 2015
The major changes for this release are:

  • IPv6 support for remote servers
  • Check if the remote server happens to have a certificate which is trusted by the system
  • Implemented "lxc image copy"
  • Improved remote handling (default configuration, support for https:// and unix:// and a bunch of convenient aliases)
  • API consistency for key/value storage (always exported as dictionaries)
  • Remote images can now be started by their long or short hash
  • Remote image properties are now properly mirrored in the local cache
  • A lot of database locking issues have been resolved

Please note that it's still early in the LXD development and that current LXD isn't intended
for production use and comes with no support statement from upstream.
(reported bugs and patches will be included in the next release)

At this point, most core LXD features are present but many of the
particular options aren't implemented yet (don't match our
specifications), we expect to make great progress in supporting all of
the expected options over the next couple of releases.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.