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LXD 0.9 release announcement

12th of May 2015
The main changes for this release are:

  • Fixed memory and file descriptor leaks (and add extra tests for those)
  • Fallback to chmod when setfacl fails (filesystem without ACLs support)
  • Fixed container logging and make it available through lxc info (--show-log)
  • Setup the right uid/gid map for privileged containers
  • Report invalid configuration in "lxc config edit" and "lxc profile edit"
  • Improved the first use experience and the profile/config examples
  • Rename "lxc config profile *" to "lxc profile *" (old syntax is still supported)
  • More reliable database handling
  • Container copies get a new MAC address
  • USER is now set in the container environment (on exec)
  • Track the image used to build the container and use this to optimize copy/migration
  • Improved database testing
  • Fixed pts device owneship on exec
  • Fixed raw.lxc being applied too early (resulted in broken and others)
  • Better argument parsing in both lxc and lxd
  • Improved performance in container and network listing
  • Fixed certificate name conflicts in the trust database


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.