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LXD 0.10 release announcement

26th of May 2015
The main changes for this release are:

  • Implemented snapshot restore
  • New --accept-certificate flag to lxc remote add
  • New --password flag to lxc remote add
  • Added "lxc profile device show" and " lxc config device show"
  • "lxc config show" and "lxc config set" now work for server configuration
  • lxc profile edit and lxc config edit now accept configuration on stdin
  • Added recursion support to /1.0/images/aliases API
  • Added recursion support to /1.0/containers/{name}/snapshots API
  • The command line client no longer depends on go-lxc
  • Re-worked uid/gid allocation and uid/gid shifting
  • Improved help and usage
  • Improved lxc list rendering
  • Improved lxc profile show and lxc config show
  • Improved debug messages
  • The LXD version is now exported on /1.0
  • Improved README
  • SSL certificates now expire after 10 years
  • Various test improvements and bugfixes


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.