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LXD 0.11 release announcement

9th of June 2015
The main changes for this release are:

  • File templating support in images
  • Socket activation with Systemd
  • Support for clean shutdown and container restart on startup
  • Implement "lxc image show"
  • Implement SIGWINCH support in exec (terminal resize event)
  • Make all configuration keys spec-compliant
  • Fix "lxc image edit"
  • Allow running the testsuite without any outside connectivity
  • Improve testsuite output to be more readable
  • And the usual set of bugfixes.

NOTE: The key to set a server password is now, core.trust_password.
On first startup of LXD 0.11, all the old supported names will be
converted to the official one.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.