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LXD 0.13 release announcement

7th of July 2015
The main changes for this release are:

  • Add support for LVM thin pools as a storage backend.
  • Add basic bash completion
  • Implement the "publish" command, turning a container into an image
  • Improve file push/pull reliability
  • Make it possible to start/stop/restart/delete multiple containers at once
  • Fix build under gccgo (currently disabling /dev/lxd in such case)
  • Improve btrfs performance during container copy
  • A lot of other bugfixes, minor improvements and cleanups

This is the first release of LXD where the client may be built on operating systems other than Linux.
At the moment, MacOS X has been confirmed to work and Windows is known not to work, other Unix may
work too but haven't been tested.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.