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LXD 0.14 release announcement

21st of July 2015
The main changes for this release are:

  • Improve command line help
  • Improve LVM backend (only mount/umount storage while the container is running, ...)
  • Rework certificate handling (user interface, generation and recursive query support)
  • Fix a publish bug that would lead to invalid images
  • Fix IPv6 support of container copy/migration
  • New logging code (syslog support, logfile support and log levels)
  • Implement support for "split" images (separate metadata and rootfs)
  • Add download progress tracking to lxd-images
  • Detect and report architecture mismatches
  • Direct image copy between servers is now supported
  • /dev/lxd now supports the meta-data interface
  • Ubuntu cloud images may now be imported using lxd-images
  • Other code improvements (golint, refactoring, compression handling, tests, ...)

This is the first LXD release to support the official Ubuntu Cloud images.
At this time, those are only available for the current development release (wily)
but we hope to have images for all supported Ubuntu releases over the next few days.

To import one of those images into your LXD image store, run:

lxd-images import ubuntu --alias ubuntu-cloud


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.