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LXD 0.27 release announcement

19th of January 2016

The main changes for this release are

  • Support for container disk quota (zfs and btrfs only)
  • Download progress during image copy and container launch
  • Initial work on a LXC to LXD script (supports almost every configuration except for unprivileged containers)
  • New linux.kernel_modules container property (list of modules to load before starting the container)
  • New core.https_allowed_origin server property (controls the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header)
  • Profile changes are now live-applied to all affected containers
  • "lxc config edit" now works against servers too
  • Changes to security.nesting are now live-applied
  • Support for xfs with the lvm backend
  • "lxc image list" now supports filtering (by name, hash and properties)
  • Improved bash completion profile
  • The default remote is now visible in "lxc remote list"
  • "lxc info" now indicates whether a container is ephemeral or persistent
  • Various improvement to help messages


  • Set a default http timeout of 10s
  • Don't crash during publish when metadata.yaml is missing
  • Improve error reporting during migration
  • Improve error reporting during copy
  • Make sure containers are only removed from the database once removed from disk
  • Make sure images are only removed from the database once removed from disk
  • Fix LVM backend on LVM > 2.02.99
  • Improve DB performance when under heavy load
  • Correctly uidshift unprivileged CRIU images
  • Fix a race in forkmigrate
  • Fix race condition in event interface
  • Fix screen corruption when lxd-images hits an error
  • Don't ignore provided devices at create time
  • Fix web server to support all URLs with and without trailing slash
  • Make it possible to unset the zfs pool
  • lxd-setup-lvm-storage: Add default size of 10G
  • api: {Save|Load}Config should take a path as an argument
  • Fix automatically adding veth interface to the host bridge
  • Fix unsetting zfs pool when snapshots used to exist

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.