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LXD 2.0.1 release announcement

16th of May 2016
This is the first bugfix release for LXD 2.0.

The bugfixes since LXD 2.0.0 are

  • Don't fail to start when shmounts can't be mounted, instead fail container startup
  • Invalidate the simplestreams cache on proxy change
  • Write the container's config file on start to the log path directly
  • Fix crash in list due to empty responses (Issue #1903)
  • Fail when removing non-existent profiles (Issue #1886)
  • Document --alias to image import (Issue #1900)
  • Fix "lxc start" and "lxc stop" options (stateful/stateless)
  • Give better error on invalid source stream (simplestreams)
  • Add basic REST API usage example to
  • Fix typo in lxc stop --help
  • Convert lxc-to-lxd to stable supported pylxd API (Issue #1901)
  • Properly log image update failures
  • Better validate and rollback bad images (Issue #1913)
  • Send operation return value through SmartError
  • Fix basic filtering in lxc list (Issue #1917)
  • Tell the user how to launch a container on first start (Issue #1931)
  • Redirect "remote" to "remote:" when not conflicting (Issue #1931)
  • Don't load the LXC config for snapshots (Issue #1935)
  • list: Allow filtering by unset key (Issue #1917)
  • Fix example in lxc launch
  • Update Japanese translation and other po files
  • Fall back to cpuset.cpus on older kernels (Issue #1929)
  • Properly validate the server configuration keys (Issue #1939)
  • Fix daemonConfig handling of storage
  • Don't remove config file on forkmigrate
  • Fix config handling following config validation change
  • Fixed Markdown syntax in documentation
  • Don't fail early when removing disks (Issue #1964)
  • Don't recursively delete devices
  • Don't fail when some unix devices fail to be deleted
  • Use the same config checks for unix-char and unix-block
  • Allow removing when fs object no longer exists (Issue #1967)
  • Do proper logfile expiry (Issue #1966)
  • Make logging a bit more consistent
  • Don't ignore zfs errors
  • Properly update the mode, uid and gid on existing files (Issue #1975)
  • Detect invalid certificate files (Issue #1977)
  • Fix broken apparmor status check
  • Allow on/off as boolean strings
  • Properly validate the container configuration keys (Issue #1940)
  • Don't mask rsync transfer errors
  • Move execPath to a global variable
  • Use custom netcat instead of nc -U for rsync over websocket (Issue #1944)
  • Fix wrong state dir path in migration
  • Don't fail deleting images when the storage delete fails
  • Improve messages in the Japanese translation
  • Add more checks for the criu binary
  • Rework (live) migration tests
  • Make it explicit in documentation that devices on create are optional
  • Properly record the source of all image copies (Issue #2010)
  • Don't mark containers as ERROR while being created (Issue #1988)
  • Cleanup events sent for operations (Issue #1992)
  • Fix ZFS refcounting issues (Issue #1916 and Issue #2013)
  • Propagate snapshot config when copying a snapshot (Issue #2017)
  • Implement lxc config show for snapshots
  • Add Unix socket example to REST API usage.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.