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LXD 2.0.4 release announcement

15th of August 2016
This is the fourth bugfix release for LXD 2.0.

The changes since LXD 2.0.3 are

Minor improvements:

  • /dev/net/tun is now a default device (always present)
  • lxd-bridge: dnsmasq is now configured with IPv6 name resolution
  • lxd-bridge: iptables rules now have a comment (Issue #2125)
  • "lxd init" now comes with reasonable defaults (Issue #1933)
  • The "images:" remote now uses simplestreams on new installations
  • "lxc image export" now always uses the image fingerprint as filename
  • Import progress is now reported for URL imports in "lxc image import"


  • apparmor: Add feature detection and clean things a bit
  • apparmor: Don't depend on the LXC apparmor profile (Issue #1942)
  • apparmor: Rename main two chunks of rules (Issue #1942)
  • apparmor: Setup a more modular apparmor profile (Issue #1942)
  • client: Don't share http client with go routines (Issue #2186)
  • client: Error when trying to remove a non-existent device (Issue #2277)
  • client: Fix API info reporting in "lxc info"
  • client: Fix spelling: permisson -> permission (Issue #2211)
  • client: Make client.websocket a public API
  • client: Make --version option visible (Issue #2171)
  • client: Relax constraints on WebsocketRecvStream args
  • client: Use named args for actionCmds
  • client/finger: Remove unused field from finger cmd (Issue #2170)
  • client/image: Fix image import from URL (Issue #2272)
  • client/list: fix concurrent read/write (Issue #2183)
  • client/list: Fix error handling and race in "lxc list" (Issue #1753)
  • client/pause: Add some additional help to lxc pause
  • client/profile: Add "lxc profile unset" to help message (Issue #2227)
  • daemon/container: Actually handle containers list error
  • daemon/container: Add sanity checks for common problems (Issue #2190)
  • daemon/container: Alphabetize device processing (Issue #2233)
  • daemon/container: Better errors when sanity checking devices
  • daemon/container: Better handle missing or invalid device types (Issue #2210)
  • daemon/container: Document and validate limits.*.priority values (Issue #2231)
  • daemon/container: Document image export target behavior and fix bugs (Issue #2205)
  • daemon/container: Don't unfreeze a container on stop (Issue #2164)
  • daemon/container: Fix flag name in init error message
  • daemon/container: Fix limits.disk.priority when set to 0 (Issue #2230)
  • daemon/container: Fix nic hotplug with openvswitch (Issue #2106)
  • daemon/container: Fix unix-char/unix-block in nested containers (Issue #2279)
  • daemon/container: Improve check for invalid physical devices
  • daemon/container: Remember the return code in the non wait-for-websocket case (Issue #2243)
  • daemon/container: Remove unused "name" argument from {create,remove}UnixDevice
  • daemon/container: Return more error information back to the user (Issue #2190)
  • daemon/container: Sort disk devices by their path before their names (Issue #2249)
  • daemon/container: Unfreeze frozen container on shutdown (Issue #2164)
  • daemon/db: Don't fail db upgrade if $LXD_DIR/containers doesn't exist (LP: #1602025)
  • daemon/db: remove fuse device from docker profile (Issue #2213)
  • daemon/migration: fix tempdir handling
  • daemon/profile: Prevent using invalid profile names (Issue #2274)
  • daemon/zfs: Fix ZFS volume size on 32bit architectures (Issue #2158)
  • daemon/zfs: Only delete copy- snapshots on delete (Issue #2127)
  • daemon/zfs: Remove subvolume in zfs.ImageCreate error flow (Issue #2194)
  • doc: Add /dev/net/tun and /dev/fuse to docs
  • doc: Added command to install squashfs-tools in
  • doc: Document config_get in pongo templates
  • doc: Fixed errors on api examples with curl
  • doc: Initial documentation for production use of LXD (Issue #2256)
  • doc: Shuffle packages a bit in
  • lxd-bridge-proxy: Remove unused code
  • Makefile: Also have "make dist" run multiple go get
  • scripts: Make lxc-to-lxd work inside virtualenv (Issue #2175)
  • simplestreams: Fix size reporting (Issue #2223)
  • simplestreams: Handle images without labels
  • simplestreams: List images available as both squashfs and tar.xz
  • simplestreams: Properly deal with unset expiry
  • simplestreams: Set proper user-agent
  • simplestreams: Use the hashes in the right order (Issue #2239)


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.