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LXD 2.1 release announcement

16th of August 2016
LXD 2.1 is the first feature release following LXD 2.0 LTS.

Note that this release does not have LTS status and as such will not
benefit from multi-year support or bugfix releases.

For production environments, we recommend that you stick to the LXD 2.0 LTS release.

The changes in this release include

New features:

  • client: Add a lxc shell alias by default
  • client: Build unix-like aliases directly into LXC (lxc {cp,ls,mv,rm}, lxc image {cp,ls,rm}, lxc image alias {ls,rm}, lxc remote {ls,mv,rm} and lxc config device {ls,rm})
  • client: Generate the client certificate on-demand
  • client/copy: Allow additional profiles and config to be set
  • client/copy: Pick a random name if not specified and same host
  • client/image: Add --format and json output
  • client/image: Allow deleting multiple images at once
  • client/list: Add support for config key columns (e.g. lxc list -c ns,security.privileged:privileged)
  • client/profile: lxc profile apply is now lxc profile assign
  • client/profile: New lxc profile add and lxc profile remove sub-commands
  • client/version: Do not show the version command by default
  • daemon: Add a global core.https_allowed_credentials key
  • daemon: Implement ETag support for all PUT calls
  • daemon: Implement PKI authentication (see doc/
  • daemon: Implement the PATCH method for all endpoints already supporting PUT
  • daemon/container: : Add config key for container force shutdown timeout (boot.host_shutdown_timeout)
  • daemon/container: Add some seccomp knobs (security.syscalls.{blacklist,blacklist_default,blacklist_compat,whitelist} and raw.seccomp)
  • daemon/container: Add support for the "usb" device type (see doc/
  • daemon/container: Record the last used date for containers (also expose in lxc info and lxc list)
  • daemon/zfs: Allow forcing snapshot removal through configuration (storage.zfs_remove_snapshots)


  • All the bugfixes listed as part of LXD 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 and 2.0.4
  • tests: Fix for newer shellcheck
  • lxd-bridge: Fail on dnsmasq failure
  • c/r: switch to the new ->migrate API
  • c/r: use liblxc's new preserves_inodes feature
  • c/r: bump ghost limit

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.