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LXD 2.2 release announcement

14th of September 2016

The changes in this release include

New features:

  • client: Add a "manpage" command (Issue #2280)
  • client: Add a "rename" alias (Issue #2320)
  • client/file: Recursive file push/pull (-r) (Issue #1218)
  • client/file: Support recursive directory creation (-p) (Issue #2290)
  • client/info: Add cpu usage (Issue #1867)
  • client/publish: Allow overriding compression algorithm (Issue #2296)
  • daemon: Make a database backup on schema updates (Issue #2299)
  • daemon/container: Expose CPU usage (Issue #1867)
  • daemon/container: Recursive file push/pull (Issue #1218)
  • daemon/image: Allow overriding compression algorithm (Issue #2296)
  • daemon/init: Ask for images.auto_update_interval (Issue #2167)
  • daemon/storage: Add new storage.zfs_use_refquota option (Issue #2354)


  • client/exec: Use os.LookupEnv from go 1.5 to find environment vars
  • client/help: Change lxc help to to go to stdout (Issue #2301)
  • daemon: Consistently handle name conflicts
  • daemon/container: Allow unsetting any config key
  • daemon/container: Fix USB transposed major/minor
  • daemon/container: Handle xattrs on publish
  • daemon/container: Retry generating petnames on conflict
  • daemon/container: Return an error on "restart" without force of a paused container (Issue #2311)
  • daemon/container: Rework container operation locking (Issue #2297)
  • daemon/container: Try to remove the usb bus dir after device disconnect (Issue #2306)
  • daemon/container: Various USB hotplug fixes (Issue #2312)
  • daemon/dir: Copy everything on container copy (Issue #2371)
  • daemon: Do our own socket activation (Issue #2333)
  • daemon/image: Fix support for lzma alone file format (Issue #2360)
  • daemon/init: Change default host to all (::)
  • daemon/init: Default to "dir" when "zfs" isn't available (Issue #2340)
  • daemon/init: Fix listed default value for ZFS pool (Issue #2339)
  • daemon/init: Use more intelligent logic for partition sizing
  • daemon/profile: Cleaner error on existing profile name
  • daemon/profile: Properly cleanup on profile removal (Issue #2347)
  • doc: Add txqueuelen tweak
  • doc: Clarify that user_subvol_rm_allowed is needed for btrfs nesting (Issue #2338)
  • doc: Fix typos in
  • doc: Rename api_extensions to api-extensions
  • i18n: Update po files and Japanese translation
  • lxd-bridge: Fix crash in lxd-bridge-proxy
  • tests: Fix race in alias test
  • tests: Make TestReaderToChannel transfer smaller
  • tests: Only check leftovers on active LXD

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.