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LXD 2.0.5 release announcement

5th of October 2016
This is the fifth bugfix release for LXD 2.0.

The changes since LXD 2.0.4 are

Note that several migration fixes included in this release depend on a newer go-lxc.
If building manually, you may need to update your copy of go-lxc.
If building for a distribution, you may need to update your packaged version of go-lxc to a newer snapshot.

Minor improvements:

  • Support for AppArmor namespacing and stacking
  • Rework LXD daemon logging to be cleaner and more generally useful (Issue #1928)
  • "lxc info CONTAINER" now shows the name of the remote for the container
  • Client errors now include the remote the container is on
  • /snap/bin is included to PATH if present in the container


  • doc: Add txqueuelen tweak.
  • doc: Clarify that user_subvol_rm_allowed is needed for btrfs nesting (Issue #2338)
  • doc: Fix the table style of (Issue: #2410)
  • doc: Fix typos in
  • doc: Remove trailing spaces in
  • doc: Spacing cleanup
  • extras: Containers state checking for start, stop and exec commands
  • extras: Fixed container convert from LXC to LXD
  • fuidshift: expand symlinks to last path component
  • lxc: Drop unused httpAddr property
  • lxc/exec: Document lxc exec -- args
  • lxc/exec: Use os.LookupEnv from go 1.5 to find environment vars
  • lxc: Fix spacing alignment in config.go's examples
  • lxc/help: Send error to stdout (Issue #2301)
  • lxd/apparmor: Be less restrictive when unprivileged
  • lxd-bridge: Fail on dnsmasq failure
  • lxd-bridge: Fix crash in lxd-bridge-proxy
  • lxd: Consistently handle name conflicts
  • lxd/container: Allow unsetting any config key
  • lxd/container_lxc: handle xattrs
  • lxd/container: Retry generating petnames
  • lxd/container: Return an error on "restart" without force of a paused container (Issue #2311)
  • lxd/container: Rework container operation locking (Issue #2297)
  • lxd/daemon: Do our own socket activation (Issue #2333)
  • lxd/db: Fix int64 handling
  • lxd/db: Make a database backup on schema updates (Issue #2299)
  • lxd/db: Rework DB schema updates
  • lxd/image: Fix support for lzma alone file format (Issue #2360)
  • lxd/image: Tweak squashfs for low-memory systems (Issue #2382)
  • lxd/init: Change default host to all (::)
  • lxd/init: Change validation functions for consistency
  • lxd/init: Default to "dir" when "zfs" isn't available (Issue #2340)
  • lxd/init: Don't fail when passed "all" as an IP
  • lxd/init: Enable compression on new zfs pools
  • lxd/init: Fix listed default value for ZFS pool (Issue #2339)
  • lxd/init: use more intelligent logic for partition sizing
  • lxd/migration: Actually support copying across different CoW based backend types (Issue #2359)
  • lxd/migration: Also show warnings on c/r errors
  • lxd/migration: Bump ghost limit
  • lxd/migration: Don't use ActionScript if it's not available
  • lxd/migration: Preserve snapshot configuration
  • lxd/migration: Resume dumped container on failed restore
  • lxd/migration: Use liblxc's new preserves_inodes feature
  • lxd/network: Detect bonds
  • lxd/network: Detect openvswitch
  • lxd/network: Fix networkIsInUse
  • lxd/network: Move and rename isOnBridge
  • lxd/profile: Cleaner error on existing profile name
  • lxd/profile: Properly cleanup on profile removal (Issue #2347)
  • lxd/storage: Copy everything on container copy (Issue #2371)
  • lxd/storage: Extra checks and config for ZFS pools
  • Makefile: Don't recursively include test deps
  • README: Add AppVeyor badge (Windows testing)
  • shared: Add GetOwner stub for Windows (fixes #2438)
  • shared: Generate client certificate with proper extended usage info
  • shared: Make TestReaderToChannel transfer smaller
  • shared: New RunCommand wrapper function
  • tests: Add a test to make sure we don't accidentally include new deps
  • tests: add test for GetAllXattr()
  • tests: Fix apparmor version check
  • tests: Fix for newer shellcheck
  • tests: Force UTC timezone
  • tests: Only check leftovers on active LXD
  • tests: skip tests when xatts are not supported

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.