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LXD 2.6 release announcement

22nd of November 2016

The changes in this release include

New features:

  • Support for container specific uid/gid maps (see
  • Send progress notification during container migration (API only)
  • Copy the source image properties into the container properties (image. namespace)


  • doc: Add hacking guide (
  • doc: Add missing pci options for gpu in
  • doc: Bump liblxc version required in README
  • doc: Document
  • doc: Exec recording needs an API extension
  • doc: Specify docker installation details in README
  • lxc/delete: Update help text
  • lxc/file: Fix recursive file pull/push on Windows
  • lxc/finger: Update help text
  • lxc/restore: Update help text
  • lxc: Rework progress handling
  • lxd/containers: Actually surface the last used update error
  • lxd/containers: Add /snap/bin to PATH even if only /snap exists
  • lxd/containers: Attach to userns on file operations
  • lxd/containers: Better handle concurrent stop/shutdown
  • lxd/containers: Clarify container delete failure error
  • lxd/containers: Correctly set liblxc loglevel to debug when in --debug mode
  • lxd/containers: Don't double delete ephemeral containers
  • lxd/containers: Improve container error handling
  • lxd/containers: Improve container locking mechanism (Issue #2612)
  • lxd/containers: Save properties on publish
  • lxd/containers: Skip leading whitespace in raw.lxc
  • lxd/containers: Start storage when necessary during stateful start
  • lxd/containers: Timeout container freeze on stop
  • lxd/containers: Track speed during network transfers
  • lxd/images: Don't update images at all if interval is 0
  • lxd/main: Immediately exit when no DB in activateifneeded
  • lxd/networks: Fixed minor typo in checkNetwork
  • lxd/networks: Spawn dnsmasq on FAN bridges
  • lxd/storage: Fix 10s delay on removing ZFS used images (Issue #2617)
  • lxd/storage: Freeze container during copy on directory backend
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Better output with no container
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Check that source path exists (disk) (Issue #2572)
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Consistent logging
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Don't fail dry-run with running containers
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Drop dependency on pylxd
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Fix lxdpath handling
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Formatting
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Migrate lxc.aa_profile if set
  • scripts/lxc-to-lxd: Print summary and proper exit code
  • shared/idmapset: Fix typo in Intersects
  • shared/simplestreams: Cleanup unused properties
  • tests: Cleanup leftover containers
  • tests: Don't depend on for filemanip
  • tests: Implement LXD_VERBOSE for reduced verbosity
  • tests: Reduce verbosity under LXD_DEBUG

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.