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LXD 2.8 release announcement

24th of January 2017

The changes in this release include

New features:

  • Exec sessions being killed by a signal will now report the signal number as part of their exit code.
  • The first stage of our Go client API rework is now done with a new api module containing all REST API definitions.
  • The dnsmasq instance used for LXD managed bridges is now running as an unprivileged user.
  • VLAN device types are now properly reported in the API and client.
  • The client will now show the date an image was last used at (in lxc image info).
  • LXD is now using Weblate for its translations.


  • client: Add a done signal to Monitor API
  • client: Better handle http errors
  • doc: Add Documentation on Network Configuration via cloud-init
  • doc: Update for CI and Weblate
  • doc: Update for godoc
  • global: Fix typos
  • global: "gofmt -s" run
  • i18n: Improved and completed french translation
  • i18n: Update message catalogs and Japanese translation
  • i18n: Update translations from weblate
  • lxc: Better handle timestamps
  • lxc/file: Fix directory permissions on recursive push (Issue #2759)
  • lxc/init: Properly replace args list
  • lxc/list: Fix unused variable
  • lxc/list: Sort IP addresses in output
  • lxc/network: Better handle network modifications (Issue #2785)
  • lxc/network: Sort UsedBy list on show
  • lxc: Properly check yaml errors
  • lxc/remote: Update help
  • lxd/containers: Allow passing in-memory buffers to a FileResponse
  • lxd/containers: Don't attempt to read xattrs from symlinks (Issue #2801)
  • lxd/containers: Improve error handling and reporting during export
  • lxd/containers: Report -1 (255) on signal exit during exec
  • lxd/containers: Report exit code when we got killed by signal
  • lxd/db: Drop unused code from db.go
  • lxd/devices: Don't ignore regexp failures
  • lxd/images: Close race condition in image download (Issue #2739)
  • lxd/init: We need an address in CIDR notation instead of CIDR subnet
  • lxd/migrate: Use the generated snapshot list
  • lxd/network: Clean up leases for static assignments (Issue #2781)
  • lxd/networks: Handle empty dnsmasq pid file (Issue #2767)
  • lxd/network: Update permissions of network directories (Issue #2804)
  • lxd/patches: Mark all patches as applied on create
  • lxd/profiles: Fix unusued variable
  • lxd/storage: Don't assume a path is a subvolume (Issue #2748)
  • shared: Add Int64InSlice()
  • shared: Have GetByteSizeString() take a precision argument
  • shared: Improve byte parsing in GetByteSizeString() and ParseByteSizeString()
  • shared: Move Device/Devices types to lxd package
  • shared: ParseByteSizeString() deal with bytes
  • shared: Remove GroupName function and add UserId one
  • tests: Don't ignore errors in db tests
  • tests: Fix deadcode to work with new upstream
  • tests: Fix shellcheck being confused by cd
  • tests: Use lxc restart whenever possible

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.