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LXD 3.0.3 has been released

23rd of November 2018


The LXD team is pleased to announce the release of LXD 3.0.3!

As a stable bugfix release, no major changes have been done, instead focusing on bugfixes and minor usability improvements.


Cluster refreshes for snap environments

A common issue with LXD clusters is the requirement that all nodes run the same LXD version and have a matching set of API extensions and DB schema.

When any node goes ahead of the rest, all database operations are held back until the remainder of the nodes are upgraded.

As we're talking about a number of separate machines, coordinating that upgrade may be a bit tricky and in the case of the LXD snap, could take up to 24h without user intervention.

To improve this, we introduced a new LXD_CLUSTER_UPDATE environment variable which packagers can set, pointing it to a script which will update the local LXD daemon through the relevant package manager. When LXD detects that another node is now ahead of itself, it will call this script which will then update the local LXD and have it match.

Rsync option negotiation

This release includes support for the rsync option negotiation which got rolled out in LXD 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7. This should result in smoother migrations between varying LXD releases.

Improved Candid support

Candid external authentication was extended to support multiple domains as well as providing with configurable expiry for the authentication tokens (defaulting to 1h).

This allows administrators in large organizations to choose what Candid domains will be allowed on a particular LXD server and configure exactly how long a user will be trusted before having to renew their authentication token with Candid.

The relevant configuration keys are:
- (comma separate listed of domains, default to allow all)
- candid.expiry (token expiry in seconds, default to 3600)

Added support for PEM encrypted keys

For added security, LXD now supports PEM encrypted keys, this means that you can now manually encrypt your ~/.config/lxc/client.crt using openssl and LXD will then prompt you for the password as needed.

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc project list s-vorash:
Password for client.crt: 
|       NAME        | IMAGES | PROFILES | USED BY |
| default (current) | YES    | YES      | 28      |

Added support for LXD_INSECURE_TLS

While all our own image servers and internal communications support modern ciphers, it's been brought to our attention that some corporate environments will intercept TLS traffic through their proxy and using a company CA, terminate the TLS connection on the proxy to inspect the traffic.

This would work fine so long as the company CA is trusted on the system and LXD is configured to use the company proxy. Unfortunately, it appears that many such proxies also do not support the modern ciphers that LXD requires, effectively causing all outgoing TLS connections to fail.

For those environments, we have now added a new LXD_INSECURE_TLS environment variable which is respected by both lxd and lxc and that will instruct LXD to relax the ciphers requirements, using the default TLS settings from Go rather than using our restricted set of trusted ciphers.

Expanded exec operation metadata

Ever wondered what that exec session is about in lxc operation list?

Well, now LXD lets you find that out by looking at some extra metadata that's recorded as part of the exec operation.

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc exec xenial -- sleep 30 &
[1] 25911

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc operation list
|                  ID                  |   TYPE    |    DESCRIPTION    | STATUS  | CANCELABLE |       CREATED        |
| 274ab284-ed07-4834-b3f5-6ec1d7cf3b74 | WEBSOCKET | Executing command | RUNNING | NO         | 2018/11/09 04:20 UTC |

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc operation show 274ab284-ed07-4834-b3f5-6ec1d7cf3b74
id: 274ab284-ed07-4834-b3f5-6ec1d7cf3b74
class: websocket
description: Executing command
created_at: 2018-11-08T23:20:30.323852365-05:00
updated_at: 2018-11-08T23:20:30.323852365-05:00
status: Running
status_code: 103
  - /1.0/containers/xenial
  - bash
    HOME: /root
    LANG: C.UTF-8
    PATH: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin
    TERM: xterm
    USER: root
    "0": d79593f74c3e566987a3bdb109d2f4102aea5915ad344f64ea665082c1a3177e
    control: 0ed5ba645a9f6f0b2956282bba274ce015407a6309e1a9ec1a897fab0483d6fe
  interactive: true
may_cancel: false
err: ""

This records the command that was executed, its environment and whether it was run interactively or not.


  • doc: add note about ignoring mount options
  • shared/idmap: test fcaps support
  • Add a few missing rows.Close() calls
  • lxd/patches: Profiles are in the cluster db
  • lxd/storage/ceph: Only freeze container if running
  • lxc: Only target if --target is passed
  • shared: Return decompressor in DetectCompression
  • lxd/containers: Don't return nil on Storage calls
  • tests: Fix mode of
  • shared/api: Don't re-define fields
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Fix clearing quotas
  • lxd/containers: Also use apply_quota for CEPH
  • lxd/containers: Simplify and fix pool update logic
  • Add NodeIsOutdated() db API to check is a node is outdated
  • Trigger whatever is in the LXD_CLUSTER_UPDATE var is node is outdated
  • lxd/images: Add missing cleanup code
  • lxd/containers: Fix bad function name
  • tests: Avoid err == nil pattern
  • lxd: Don't mask database errors
  • Honor the CC environment variable when invoking go install
  • client: Avoid err == nil pattern
  • lxd/profiles: Don't list snapshots in UsedBy
  • Make database queries timeout after 10s if cluster db is unavail
  • tests: Fix pki with newer easyrsa
  • lxd/db: Fix internal DB test
  • doc: Fix and improve the description
  • operations: return true if operation is done before timeout
  • lxd/containers: Avoid root device name conflict
  • lxd/import: Add root disk if needed
  • global: Advertise rsync features
  • lxd/db: Use NoSuchObject consistently
  • proxy: Only log errors
  • lxd/import: Don't delete container on import failure
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • Support --domain flag for lxc remote
  • Add configurable macaroon expiry
  • Support Candid domain validation
  • Update Candid docs
  • Update i18n
  • lxd: Rename API endpoints
  • network_linux: add netns_getifaddrs()
  • main_checkfeature: check kernel for netnsid support
  • network: add NetworkGetCounters()
  • container_lxc: switch to NetnsGetifaddrs()
  • shared: Add network state API
  • api: Add extended cluster join API
  • lxd/init: Fix struct conflict
  • lxc: Identify snapshots when listed
  • shared/version: Support detecting ChromeOS versions
  • lxd/containers: Force bring up of SRIOV parent
  • netns_getifaddrs: fix argument passing
  • netnsid_getifaddrs: fix check for netnsid support
  • doc: Fix storage API endpoints
  • container_lxc: handle network retrieval smarter
  • shared: Add storage volume snapshot support
  • client: Add storage volume snapshot support
  • netns_getifaddrs: don't print useless info
  • shared/api: Fix StorageVolumeSource struct
  • Makefile: Set LDFLAGS for dqlite
  • lxd: Fix handling of CGroup-V2 systems
  • tree-wide: pass -std=gnu11 -Wvla
  • lxd/containers: Rework exec FD handling
  • Added optional ?target= to /containers POST documentation
  • lxd/storage/lvm: Don't un-necessarily start/stop storage
  • lxd/storage/ceph: Don't un-necessarily mount snapshots
  • lxd/containers: Fix cleanup on create failure
  • shared/network: Don't crash on VPN devices
  • lxd/containers: Fix bad nvidia information parsing
  • netns_getifaddrs: fix network stats retrieval
  • network: Fix counters on non-ethernet interfaces
  • doc: Add configuration for readthedocs
  • storage: Fix error strings
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Don't fail deleting pools on misisng disk
  • Split code in 2 seperate files
  • network: provide #ifdefs for RTM_* requests
  • Document LVM support for storage quotas
  • candid: Cleanup code a bit
  • network: fix netns_get_nsid() signature
  • apparmor: Allow cgroupv2 in cgns
  • candid: Fix client when using https candid server
  • lxd-p2c: Fix static build
  • config: Add support for PEM encrypted keys
  • lxc: Setup password helper
  • lxc/config: Only setup needed connection args
  • lxc/config: More TLS optimizations
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • macro: add SOL_NETLINK
  • netns_ifaddrs: check for NETLINK_DUMP_STRICT_CHK
  • Fix Potential Event Race
  • devices: Fix bad disk limits
  • Fix root disk limits on container startup
  • checkfeature: Rework structure
  • checkfeature: simplify is_netnsid_aware() check
  • checkfeature: Avoid double line break
  • checkfeature: dial logging down from to debug
  • lxc/progress: Add terminal detection
  • doc: Rework backup documentation
  • client: Add GetNetworkState
  • client: Add extended cluster join API
  • client: Add UseProject
  • shared/api: Add projects
  • client: Add support for projects
  • lxc/config: Add support for projects
  • Change query.SelectObjects signature to support a prepared statement
  • Add query.SelectURIs convenience for getting API resource URIs
  • Add cluster statements registry
  • api: Add Project.Config reference
  • Improve some error messages around container creation
  • Lookup for the "target" API parameter only in the URL query string
  • Automatically add ?project=x query param to image server
  • Improve error reporting when creating a container
  • Change ContainerStorageRead() to take a container object instead of its name
  • Improve error messages around LVM volume creation
  • Change Storage.ContainerUmount to accept a container vs a container name
  • lxd/init: Update for current client package
  • lxc/progress: Don't print empty lines
  • candid: Improve domain validation and pubkey
  • lxd/images: Fix parsing of public property
  • client: Always use the "do()" wrapper
  • client: Fix URLs with missing project/target
  • Improve error messages
  • lxd/containers: Fix cluster shutdown
  • i18n: Update Japanese translation
  • idmap: use global variable for vfs3 fcaps support
  • checkfeature: check for vfs3 fscaps support
  • lxd/db: Fix bad limits.cpu
  • shared: Add limits.cpu validator
  • doc: add the appropriate titles to some documents
  • shared/network: Allow TLS1.3
  • global: Implement LXD_INSECURE_TLS env variable
  • netns_getifaddrs: simplify
  • Fix bad check for recursive mounts
  • Prevent event listeners from lying around even after Disconnect()
  • client: Support creating project-bound container using an image on another node
  • client: Filter lifecycle and operations events by project
  • client: Make container backups code honor projects
  • client: Make GET /profiles return only profiles for the project
  • Bump Go versions and use '.x' to always get latest patch versions
  • Update build instruction
  • doc: Bump to 1.10 or higher everywhere
  • Don't expire lxd.log by accident
  • lxd/storage: Fix importing preseed dump
  • lxd/migration: Use current idmap instead of next
  • lxd/db: Send raft/dqlite logging to debug
  • lxd/daemon: Clarify early loggging
  • checkfeature: Don't log error on missing feature
  • lxd/daemon: Improve logging of inherited fds
  • shared/logging: Improve logfile output
  • lxd/daemon: Don't mention MAAS unless configured
  • exec: Expose command, env and mode in metadata
  • client: Fix cancelation of image download
  • Detect and shrink large boltdb files
  • lxd/daemon: Fix build
  • loop: retry on EBUSY
  • lxd/storage: Improve loop device errors
  • lxd/containers: Detect root disk pool changes
  • doc: Update cloud-init network documentation
  • client: Fix error handling in operations
  • lxd/containers: Prevent duplicate profiles
  • lxc/copy: --container-only is meaningless for snapshots
  • shared/api: Add support for incremental container copy
  • client: Add support for incremental container copy
  • doc: Add kernel.keys.maxkeys to production-setup
  • lxd/storage/dir: Don't fail when quota are set
  • lxd: Handle AppArmor policy cache directory
  • test: Support AppArmor policy cache directory
  • lxd/containers: Respect optional=true for disks
  • use empty usb vendorid to pass through all usb devices
  • doc: Add usb_optional_vendorid API extension
  • lxc/image: Fix rootfs file handling on snap
  • lxd/containers: Properly clear static leases
  • shared/api: Support copy between projects
  • client: Support copy between projects
  • lxc/config: Allow overriding the current project
  • rsync: Tweak transfer options (delete & compress)
  • lxd/daemon: Improve logging of kernel features
  • lxd: Register background tasks as operations
  • lxc: Switch all progress op handling to cancelable
  • Increase go-dqlite client timeout when not-clustered
  • lxd: Rework task handling
  • lxd/migration: Fix CRIU rsync option negotiation
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Tweak errors
  • lxd/init: Better handle disk sizes
  • lxd/db: Avoid un-needed query on container move
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • Add StorageVolumeIsAvailable to check if a Ceph volume can be attached
  • Wire StorageVolumeIsAvailable to containerValidDevices
  • Add integration test

Support and upgrade

LXD 3.0.3 is supported until June 2023 and is our current LTS release, users are encouraged to update to the latest bugfix releases as they're made available.