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LXD 4.1 has been released

8th of May 2020


The LXD team is very excited to announce the release of LXD 4.1!

This is the first feature release following the release of 4.0 LTS.
As a normal feature release, LXD 4.1 is only supported until 4.2 is released, usually about a month afterwards.

The bulk of the changes are bugfixes and refactoring we've done since the 4.0 release, but there are also a number of smaller features and improvements.


New features and highlights

Push and relay support for images

Similar to instance copy/move, it's now possible to have the source server push an image directly to the target server or have the client tool relay between servers.

This makes it easier to deal with firewalls in between servers.

lxc image copy source:some-image target: --mode=push
lxc image copy source:some-image target: --mode=relay

Routing table support for routed NIC devices

Two new options were added on routed NIC devices:

  • ipv4.host_table
  • ipv6.host_table

Those control what routing table to insert the routing rules into.
By default, this is the main routing table, but some users have indicated wanting to use alternative routing tables which this enables.

L2 mode for ipvlan NIC devices

ipvlan devices in LXD default to layer 3 symmetric mode (l3s) but a new mode option was now introduced allowing for layer 2 mode (l2) to be used as well.

Tweaks to the resources API

A new system section was added, exposing many DMI fields as well as the type of system used to run LXD (physical, virtual or container).

Additionally, NUMA nodes are now tracked at the CPU thread level and CPU die information is also recorded at the per-core level.

Example CPU output:

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc query /1.0/resources | jq .cpu
  "architecture": "x86_64",
  "sockets": [
      "cache": [
          "level": 1,
          "size": 32768,
          "type": "Data"
          "level": 1,
          "size": 32768,
          "type": "Instruction"
          "level": 2,
          "size": 262144,
          "type": "Unified"
          "level": 3,
          "size": 3145728,
          "type": "Unified"
      "cores": [
          "core": 0,
          "die": 0,
          "frequency": 639,
          "threads": [
              "id": 0,
              "numa_node": 0,
              "online": true,
              "thread": 0
              "id": 2,
              "numa_node": 0,
              "online": true,
              "thread": 1
          "core": 1,
          "die": 0,
          "frequency": 658,
          "threads": [
              "id": 1,
              "numa_node": 0,
              "online": true,
              "thread": 0
              "id": 3,
              "numa_node": 0,
              "online": true,
              "thread": 1
      "frequency": 648,
      "frequency_minimum": 400,
      "frequency_turbo": 3500,
      "name": "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz",
      "socket": 0,
      "vendor": "GenuineIntel"
  "total": 4

Example system output:

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc query /1.0/resources | jq .system
  "chassis": {
    "serial": "PF0QD1U7",
    "type": "Notebook",
    "vendor": "LENOVO",
    "version": "None"
  "family": "ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th",
  "firmware": {
    "date": "02/17/2020",
    "vendor": "LENOVO",
    "version": "N1MET60W (1.45 )"
  "motherboard": {
    "product": "20HRCTO1WW",
    "serial": "L1HF6CX006Y",
    "vendor": "LENOVO",
    "version": "Not Defined"
  "product": "20HRCTO1WW",
  "serial": "PF0QD1U7",
  "sku": "LENOVO_MT_20HR_BU_Think_FM_ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th",
  "type": "physical",
  "uuid": "7fa1c0cc-2271-11b2-a85c-aab32a05d71a",
  "vendor": "LENOVO",
  "version": "ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th"

Addition of OS data in the server information

OS information is now exposed in /1.0 and lxc info:

stgraber@castiana:~$ lxc info | grep os_
  os_name: Ubuntu
  os_version: "20.04"

New lxd cluster remove-raft-node command

This new command can be used to force the removal of a database member when LXD is unable to start due to missing database quorum.

Improved table sorting in the command line tool

Lists are now sorted by natural order, making numbered items sort properly.
Additionally, in volume listings, snapshots are now listed immediately following their parent.

Complete changelog

Here is a complete list of all changes in this release:

Full commit list
  • doc/instances: Fix escaping
  • lxc/network: Updates network detach checks to use bridged network property
  • lxd/network/network/utils: Updates network setting detection in IsInUse
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Adds host_name info to RenderState when lxd-agent is running
  • Merge pull request #7115 from tomponline/tp-bridged-network
  • lxd/networks: Fix clustered configs
  • Merge pull request #7114 from stgraber/master
  • shared/api: Move NUMANode to thread
  • lxd/resources: Set NUMANode on a per-thread basis
  • lxc/info: Update for NUMANode on thread
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • api: resources_cpu_threads_numa
  • Merge pull request #7118 from stgraber/master
  • api: resources_cpu_core_die
  • lxd/resources: Parse and report die_id
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Mount xfs snapshot with nouuid option
  • Merge pull request #7120 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Adds mounting logging
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/lxc: Updates Render() to accept options arguments
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Updates Render() to accept options arguments
  • lxd/instance/instance/interface: Updates Render() to accept options arguments
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Zeros btrfs transaction log in regenerateFilesystemBTRFSUUID
  • lxd/storage/utils: Removes unused functions and constants
  • lxd/storage/utils: Adds RenderSnapshotUsage function
  • lxd/instance/snapshot: Adds storagePools.RenderSnapshotUsage to Render() in containerSnapshotsGet and snapshotGet
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/lxc: Use storagePools.RenderSnapshotUsage in RenderFull()
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Use storagePools.RenderSnapshotUsage in RenderFull()
  • lxd/instance/instance/utils: Removes unused WriteBackupFile
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Changes regenerateFilesystemUUID to use expanded arg definitions
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Changes generateUUID to not map device
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: d.generateUUID updated signature usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Adds BTRFS UUID regeneration to MountVolumeSnapshot
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Comment clarification
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Adds support for setting custom mount path
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Create temporary snapshot in BackupVolume()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Renames container vars to instance
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Consistent quoting of error message variables
  • Merge pull request #7117 from tomponline/tp-storage-mountsnapshots-uuid
  • Merge pull request #7122 from tomponline/tp-storage-export-snapshots
  • lxd/main_activateifneeded: s/container/instance/
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Removes storagePools.RenderSnapshotUsage from RenderFull()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Create temporary snapshot in BackupVolume()
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Checks for existance of volume before deleting
  • lxd/instance: Switches to revert package for instanceCreateAsSnapshot
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Comment tweak
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Tweaks HasVolume detection
  • Merge pull request #7129 from tomponline/tp-storage-renderfull
  • Merge pull request #7131 from tomponline/tp-storage-export-snapshots-zfs
  • shared/subprocess/proc: Fixes race in process stopping
  • Merge pull request #7132 from tomponline/tp-storage-delete-volume-checks
  • lxd/main_activateifneeded: Retrieve all instances
  • lxd/main_activateifneeded: Check for scheduled instance snapshots
  • lxd/main_activateifneeded: Check for scheduled volume snapshots
  • test/suites/basic: Update activateifneeded tests
  • lxd/main_activateifneeded: Use defer statement to close db
  • Merge pull request #7128 from monstermunchkin/issues/7126
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Workaround permission issue
  • Merge pull request #7134 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/cluster: add RemoveRaftNode() to force removing a raft node
  • api: Add "DELETE /internal/cluster/raft/
    " endpoint
  • Increase timeout when calling dqlite.Client.Add() to join the cluster
  • Merge pull request #7139 from freeekanayaka/increase-join-timeout
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Comment
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Always return -1/ErrNotSupported for snapshot usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/volumes: Always return -1/ErrNotSupported for snapshot usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Always used 'used' property for ZFS snapshot usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/cephfs/volumes: Always return -1/ErrNotSupported for snapshot usage
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Return -1/ErrNotSupported when no quota available
  • lxd/instance: Fix typo in comment
  • lxc/action: Fix typo in help message
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • Merge pull request #7142 from stgraber/master
  • lxd: Add "lxd cluster remove-raft-node" recovery command
  • doc: Add paragraph about "lxd cluster remove-raft-node"
  • test: Add test exercising "lxd cluster remove-raft-node"
  • Merge pull request #7141 from tomponline/tp-storage-snapshot-usage
  • Merge pull request #7138 from freeekanayaka/remove-raft-node
  • lxd/storage/lvm: Always call vgchange on mount
  • Merge pull request #7146 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/patches: Fix snapshot migration
  • tests: Fix btrfs storage usage
  • Merge pull request #7147 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Only chmod if needed in EnsureMountPath
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Removes unnecessary variable
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Ensure volumes created from copy have correct perms
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Call EnsureMountPath() in MountVolume()
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Call EnsureMountPath() in MountVolumeSnapshot()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Adds revert to CreateVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Comment in CreateVolumeFromCopy
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/utils: EnsureMountPath after copying thin volume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/cephfs/volumes: typo
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/cephfs/volumes: Calls vol.EnsureMountPath after filling
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Calls EnsureMountPath to fix perms after copying volume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Fixes temporary snapshot volume cleanup for VMs
  • Merge pull request #7144 from tomponline/tp-storage-snapshot-mnt-create
  • lxd/storagr/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Adds support for snapshot usage reporting
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Clarifies comments on LVM volume usage reporting
  • Merge pull request #7151 from tomponline/tp-storage-ceph-snapshot-usage
  • shared/osarch: Coding style
  • shared/osarch: Don't fail on missing os-release
  • shared/api: Add OS information
  • lxd/api: Add OS information
  • api: Add api_os
  • lxc: Use natural string sorting
  • lxc: Group snapshot and parent
  • lxd/main: Move forkzfs mntns to cgo
  • Merge pull request #7154 from stgraber/master
  • Merge pull request #7155 from stgraber/cli
  • Merge pull request #7156 from stgraber/zfs
  • doc/networks: Adds note about firewalld and DHCP/DNS
  • Merge pull request #7158 from tomponline/tp-bridged-firewalld
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Improves validation of sysctl settings when using vlan option
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Corrects misleading error message when setting sysctls
  • Merge pull request #7159 from tomponline/tp-nic-routed-validation
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Log when creating snapshots
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Fix migrating VM block volumes in MigrateVolume
  • lxd/storage/memorypipe: Adds context support for cancellation
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: memorypipe cancellation usage
  • lxd/device/nic/sriov: Updates networkGetVirtFuncInfo to use json output from ip tool
  • Merge pull request #7160 from tomponline/tp-storage-vm-migration
  • doc: Add missing os_api extension
  • Merge pull request #7165 from stgraber/master
  • Merge pull request #7163 from tomponline/tp-nic-sriov
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/utils: Removes default project quota
  • Merge pull request #7166 from tomponline/tp-storage-dir-quota
  • forkexec: mark fd cloexec so the attaching process doesn't inherit it
  • Merge pull request #7167 from brauner/2020-04-10/fixes
  • forkexec: close all inherited fds
  • Merge pull request #7168 from brauner/2020-04-10/fixes
  • forkexec: log unexpected fds
  • Merge pull request #7169 from brauner/2020-04-10/fixes
  • lxd/daemon: Ignore .zfs in volumes
  • Merge pull request #7170 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/network: Push MTU over DHCP
  • Merge pull request #7171 from stgraber/master
  • shared/api: Drop invalid Managed key in NetworksPost
  • lxd: Drop invalid use of Managed property
  • Merge pull request #7173 from stgraber/network
  • lxd/devices/disk: Prevent recursive & readonly
  • Merge pull request #7177 from stgraber/master
  • lxc/instance/drivers: Set new name before renaming backups
  • test: Extend backup rename
  • lxd/instance/drivers: Add revert steps when renaming instance
  • Merge pull request #7182 from monstermunchkin/issues/7176
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Allow up to 8 NIC devices
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu/templates: Note that lxd_ disk device name prefix should not be changed
  • Merge pull request #7185 from tomponline/tp-vm-pci
  • Merge pull request #7183 from tomponline/tp-vm-device-comment
  • doc/instances: Clarify config conditions
  • doc/index: Clarify bind-mount in FAQ
  • Merge pull request #7186 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/instances: Better use userRequested on Update
  • Merge pull request #7190 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/device/nic: Adds host_table setting validation rule
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Fix sysctl command suggestion when using vlans
  • lxd/device/nic/routed: Add host_table support
  • api: Adds container_nic_routed_host_table extension
  • doc: Adds documentation for routed NIC host_table setting
  • suites/container/devices/nic/routed: Adds tests for custom routing tables
  • Merge pull request #7192 from tomponline/tp-nic-routed-hosttable
  • lxd/device/nic/ipvlan: Improve validation of sysctl settings when vlan setting used
  • lxd/device/nic/ipvlan: Adds host_table setting support
  • api: Adds container_nic_ipvlan_host_table extension
  • doc: Adds documentation for ipvlan NIC host_table setting
  • test/suites/container/devices/nic/ipvlan: Adds tests for custom routing tables
  • test/clustering: increase timing to detect offline node
  • Merge pull request #7193 from tomponline/tp-nic-ipvlan-hosttable
  • api: Adds container_nic_ipvlan_mode extension
  • lxd/device/nic/ipvlan: Adds support for l2 mode
  • doc/instances: Documents ipvlan l2 mode
  • test/suites/container/devices/nic/ipvlan: Adds l2 mode tests
  • Merge pull request #7197 from freeekanayaka/tweak-clustering-membership-test-timings
  • Merge pull request #7196 from tomponline/tp-nic-ipvlan-l2
  • shared/version/api: Add resources_system API extension
  • doc/api-extensions: Add resources_system
  • shared/api/resource: Add system resources
  • lxd/resources: Add new system resources
  • lxd/resources: Retrieve system information
  • shared/util: Never look into the snap
  • Merge pull request #7194 from monstermunchkin/issues/7189
  • Merge pull request #7198 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/resources: serial/uuid may not be accessible
  • Merge pull request #7201 from stgraber/master
  • doc/instances: Fixes default ceph.cluster_name value
  • lxd/device/disk: Adds support to use ceph: prefix for disk source for VMs
  • Merge pull request #7206 from tomponline/tp-vm-disk-ceph
  • firewalld & lxd : how to let Firewalld control the LXD's iptables rules this is related to but this a bit more generic
  • Update
  • Merge pull request #7204 from kerphi/patch-2
  • doc/networks: Fix typo
  • i18n: Update translations from weblate
  • Update
  • Merge pull request #7210 from ckd/patch-1
  • lxd/storage/ceph: Suppport alternate conf syntax
  • Merge pull request #7211 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/init: Try to bind LXD network address when running interactively
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu/templates: Use static PCIe address prefix for 9p devices
  • lxd/instance/drivers/drivers/qemu: Adds support for 9p disk device PCIe indexes
  • Merge pull request #7213 from freeekanayaka/validate-listen-address
  • Merge pull request #7214 from tomponline/tp-vm-pcie
  • lxd/device/nic/bridged: Dont load br_netfilter
  • Merge pull request #7217 from tomponline/tp-nic-bridged-brnetfilter
  • doc/instances: Fix swapped description
  • Merge pull request #7219 from stgraber/master
  • add PATH env variable to sudo command example
  • Merge pull request #7220 from rafaeldtinoco/master
  • shared/simplestreams: Fix VM image preference
  • Merge pull request #7225 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/devoce/device/utils/disk: Comment on diskCephfsOptions
  • lxd/device/disk: Adds cephfs support for VMs
  • lxd/device/proxy: Check for br_netfilter enabled and log warning if not
  • lxd/firewall/drivers/driver/xtables: Adds MASQUERADE hairpin proxy NAT rule
  • lxd/firewall/drivers/drivers/xtables: comments
  • Merge pull request #7226 from tomponline/tp-vm-disk-cephfs
  • lxd/device/proxy: Sets bridge port hairpin mode on when br_netfilter loaded
  • lxd/firewall/drivers/drivers/xtables: Renames toDest to connectDest
  • lxd/firewall/drivers/drivers/nftables: Renames toDest to connectDest
  • lxd/init: Improve error messages when failing to bind an address
  • lxd/firewall/drivers/drivers/nftables: Adds MASQUERADE hairpin proxy NAT rule
  • Merge pull request #7227 from freeekanayaka/improve-cant-listen-error-message
  • test/suites/container/devices/proxy: Updates tests for checking hairpin rule
  • Merge pull request #7228 from tomponline/tp-nic-bridged-nat-hairpin
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Wait for onStop when restarting
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Makes onStop unexported
  • lxd/instance/drivers/driver/qemu: Comment
  • Merge pull request #7229 from tomponline/tp-vm-restart
  • lxd/instance/lxc: Don't crash in setNetworkPriority
  • Merge pull request #7230 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/instances: Export type to templates
  • lxd-agent: Reboot after cloud-init seed
  • lxd/util: Tweak NetworkInterfaceAddress to only return global
  • Merge pull request #7231 from stgraber/master
  • Merge pull request #7232 from stgraber/net
  • lxd/net/util: Updates comment on NetworkInterfaceAddress behaviour change
  • Merge pull request #7234 from tomponline/tp-util-networkinterfaceaddress
  • shared/usbid: Use system database
  • Merge pull request #7235 from stgraber/master
  • lxd-agent: Support systemd-notify
  • lxd/qemu: Switch default unit type to notify
  • Merge pull request #7236 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Updates CreateInstanceFromImage to use reverter
  • lxd/storage/drivers/errors: Adds ErrCannotBeShrunk error
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Updates to shrinkFileSystem ErrCannotBeShrunk error
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Updates CreateInstanceFromImage to detect ErrCannotBeShrunk
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Returns ErrCannotBeShrunk when block volume cannot be shrunk
  • lxd/device/proxy: Dont allow proxy_protocol to be set when in nat mode
  • lxd/device/proxy: Dont wrap lines
  • lxd/device/proxy: Improves validation
  • test/suites/container/devices/proxy: Updates tests with new validation rules
  • Merge pull request #7238 from tomponline/tp-storage-cached-size
  • lxd: Updates snapshotProtobufToInstanceArgs to support instance type
  • Merge pull request #7240 from tomponline/tp-proxy-validation
  • Merge pull request #7241 from tomponline/tp-migration-inst-type
  • lxd/qemu: Match basic NUMA layout
  • Merge pull request #7243 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Delete volume on error in CreateVolumeFromCopy
  • lxd-agent/main/agent: Adds comment about reason for systemd-notify usage
  • Merge pull request #7245 from tomponline/tp-vm-agentstart
  • lxd/cgroup: Fix memory controller detection
  • Merge pull request #7244 from tomponline/tp-storage-zfz-revert
  • lxd/migration/migrate/proto: Fix alignment
  • lxd/migration: Adds volumeSize field to MigrationHeader
  • lxd/migrate: Adds VolumeSize to MigrationSinkArgs
  • lxd/migration/migration/volumes: Adds VolumeSize to VolumeTargetArgs
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Use VolumeSize from offer header in Do()
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Use VolumeSize from migration header in CreateInstanceFromMigration
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Exports BlockDevSizeBytes function
  • lxd/storage/utils: Adds InstanceDiskBlockSize
  • lxd/migrate/instance: Populate offerHeader.VolumeSize for VMs
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Adds VM volume size hint to CreateInstanceFromCopy
  • Merge pull request #7248 from stgraber/master
  • Merge pull request #7246 from tomponline/tp-migration-volsize
  • lxd/device/utils: Do not add the Ceph mon port if already present in /etc/ceph config file
  • Merge pull request #7249 from leopaul36/master
  • lxd/instance/qemu: Add comment on cpuTopology
  • lxd/storage/ceph: Support port in URL
  • Merge pull request #7251 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Makes minBlockBoundary available to other functions
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/utils: Updates createVolume to use minBlockBoundary
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota to use minBlockBoundary
  • lxd/storage/drivers/zfs/volumes: Updates CreateVolume to allow regeneration of deleted image volumes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Dont revert on rename success
  • Merge pull request #7250 from tomponline/tp-storage-image-regeneration
  • shared/version/api: Add API extension images_push_relay
  • doc: Add images_push_relay
  • client/interfaces: Add Mode to ImageCopyArgs
  • lxc/image: Add mode flag to image copy
  • client: Add relay mode for image copy
  • lxd/images: Return token response in push mode
  • lxd/images: Allow authentication using secret
  • shared/api/image: Add ImageExportPost
  • client: Add ExportImage to ImageServer
  • lxd/images: Add POST /1.0/images/fingerprint/export
  • client: Add push mode for image copy
  • client: Add GetOperationWaitSecret
  • lxd/images: Use metadata from the client
  • lxd/images: Return operation on token validation
  • lxd/images: Add secret metadata on image create
  • client/lxd_images: Set fingerprint and secret headers
  • lxd/operations: Allow untrusted clients for /1.0/operations/{id}/wait
  • doc/rest-api: Add POST /1.0/images//export
  • test/suites/remote: Add image copy push and relay mode
  • po: Update translations
  • lxd/daemon: Remove duplicated logic
  • Merge pull request #7130 from monstermunchkin/issues/6805
  • lxd/instance/qemu: Announce LXD in SMBIOS
  • Merge pull request #7255 from stgraber/master
  • share/usbid: Don't print error when missing
  • Merge pull request #7257 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/init: Auto-detect and use Ubuntu ZFS setup
  • Merge pull request #7261 from stgraber/master
  • lxc/config: Add --expanded to get
  • i18n: Update translation templates
  • Merge pull request #7267 from stgraber/master
  • Resolve both core.https_address and cluster.https_address when comparing IPs
  • Merge pull request #7269 from freeekanayaka/allow-using-hostnames-as-cluster-addresses
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Skip missing files during export
  • Merge pull request #7271 from tomponline/tp-backup-walk-missing
  • lxd/images: Fixes hang in export when invalid --compression argument passed
  • Merge pull request #7272 from tomponline/tp-export-hang
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: CreateVolumeFromCopy only use expanded volume size when source is image
  • Merge pull request #7276 from tomponline/tp-storage-createfromcopy-size-btrfs
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Allow cached volume regeneration in CreateVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Uses defaultBlockSize rather than hardcoded 10GB
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Adds getVolumeSize function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Removes unnecessary mount/unmount
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Clarify clone comments
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Dont wrap lines
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Dont use clone mode when creating volume from cached image when it is disabled
  • lxd/storage/utils: VolumeDBCreate comment formatting
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: CreateVolumeFromCopy only set volume size from expanded config when source is image
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: CreateVolumeFromCopy only set volume size from expanded config when source is image
  • lxc/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Reworks parseParent to return a Volume struct
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Adds tests for parseParent
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Adds cephVolumeTypeZombieImage constant
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Updates rbdCreateVolume to accept string size
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Pass volume config in rbdMarkVolumeDeleted
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Pass volume config in rbdRenameVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Replaces getRBDSize with volumeSize
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Dont wrap lines
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Updates usage of d.parseParent in deleteVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Updates RBD naming logic in getRBDVolumeName
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Ensures CreateVolumeFromCopy correctly sizes new volume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: If volume doesnt exist in DeleteVolume do nothing
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Dont wrap lines
  • lxd/db: Rename CertificatesGet to GetCertificates
  • lxd/db: Rename CertificateGet to GetCertificate
  • lxd/db: Rename CertSave to CreateCertificate
  • lxd/db: Rename CertDelete to DeleteCertificate
  • lxd/db: Rename CertUpdate to UpdateCertificate
  • lxd/db: Drop unused ConfigValueSet
  • lxd/instances/post: Fix revert in createFromBackup
  • lxd/storage/drivers/volume: Adds allowUnsafeResize bool to Volume struct
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Adds cannot shrink error handling in CreateInstanceFromBackup
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Sets block volume size to file size of volume in tarball in genericVFSBackupUnpack
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: No need to move GPT header if no filler used in CreateVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Skip GPT header move in SetVolumeQuota when allowUnsafeResize is enabled
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/volumes: Skip GPT header move in SetVolumeQuota when allowUnsafeResize is enabled
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Allow unsafe shrinking when allowUnsafeResize is enabled
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Allow unsafe shrinking when allowUnsafeResize is enabled
  • Merge pull request #7280 from tomponline/tp-storage-createfromcopy
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Allow unsafe shrinking when allowUnsafeResize is enabled
  • Merge pull request #7282 from tomponline/tp-storage-backuprestore-size
  • Merge pull request #7270 from tomponline/tp-storage-image-regeneration-ceph
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceNames to GetInstanceNames
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerNodeAddress to GetNodeAddressOfInstance
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainersListByNodeAddress to GetInstanceNamesByNodeAddress
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainersByNodeName to GetInstanceToNodeMap
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerNodeMove to UpdateInstanceNode
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerNodeProjectList to GetLocalInstancesInProject
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerConfigInsert to CreateInstanceConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerConfigUpdate to UpdateInstanceConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceRemove to RemoveInstance
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerProjectAndName to GetInstanceProjectAndName
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerConfigClear to DeleteInstanceConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerConfigGet to GetInstanceConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerConfigRemove to DeleteInstanceConfigKey
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerSetStateful to UpdateInstanceStatefulFlag
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerProfilesInsert to AddProfilesToInstance
  • lxd/db: Drop unused ContainerProfiles
  • lxd/db: Drop unused ContainerConfig
  • lxd/db: Remove unused ContainersNodeList
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainersResetState to ResetInstancesPowerState
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerSetState to UpdateInstancePowerState
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerUpdate to UpdateInstance
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceSnapshotCreationUpdate to UpdateInstanceSnapshotCreationDate
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerLastUsedUpdate to UpdateInstanceLastUsedDate
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerGetSnapshots to GetInstanceSnapshotsNames
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerNextSnapshot to GetNextInstanceSnapshotIndex
  • lxd/db: Rename InstancePool to GetInstancePool
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerBackupID to getInstanceBackupID
  • Rename ContainerGetBackup to GetInstanceBackup
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceCreateBackup to CreateInstanceBackup
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceBackupRemove to DeleteInstanceBackup
  • lxd/db: ContainerBackupRename to RenameInstanceBackup
  • lxd/db: Rename ContainerBackupsGetExpired to GetExpiredInstanceBackups
  • lxd/storage/drivers/utils: Updates roundVolumeBlockFileSizeBytes and ensureVolumeBlockFile to take size as bytes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Updates genericVFSResizeBlockFile to accept size as bytes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Adds volumeSize function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Updates CreateVolume to use volumeSize()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota to be byte oriented internally
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/utils: Updates volumeSize comment for consistency
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Updates CreateVolumeFromCopy to use volumeSize()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota to be byte oriented internally
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/utils: Adds volumeSize function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/volumes: Updates CreateVolume to use volumeSize
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/dir/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota to be byte oriented internally
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/utils: Updates copyThinpoolVolume to use volumeSize()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/lvm/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota variables and comments
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/utils: Adds volumeSize function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Updates CreateVolume to use volumeSize()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Updates CreateVolumeFromCopy to use volumeSize()
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Updates SetVolumeQuota to be byte oriented internally
  • Merge pull request #7281 from freeekanayaka/cleanup-db-function-names
  • lxd/db: Rename DevicesAdd to AddDevicesToEntity
  • lxd/storage/backend/lxd: Detect cached image filesystem changes for VM images too
  • lxd/db: Remove unused Devices
  • lxd/db: Rename ImagesGetLocal to GetLocalImages
  • lxd/db: Rename ImagesGet to GetImages
  • lxd/db: Rename ImagesGetExpired to GetExpiredImages
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageSourceInsert to CreateImageSource
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageSourceGet to GetImageSource
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageGet to GetImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageGetFromAnyProject to GetImageFromAnyProject
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageLocate to LocateImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAssociateNode to AddImageToLocalNode
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageDelete to DeleteImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasesGet GetImageAliases
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasGet to GetImageAlaias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasRename to RenameImageAlias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasDelete to DeleteImageAlias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasesMove to MoveImageAlias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasAdd to CreateImageAlias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageAliasUpdate to UpdateImageAlias
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageCopyDefaultProfiles to CopyDefaultImageProfiles
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageLastAccessUpdate to UpdateImageLastUseDate
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageLastAccessInit to InitImageLastUseDate
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageUpdate to UpdateImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageInsert to CreateImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageGetPools to GetPoolsWithImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageGetPoolNamesFromIDs to GetPoolNamesFromIDs
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageUploadedAt to UpdateImageUploadDate
  • lxd/db: Rename ImagesGetOnCurrentNode to GetImagesOnLocalNode
  • lxd/db: Rename ImagesGetByNodeID to GetImagesOnNode
  • lxd/db: Replace ImageGetNodesWithImage with GetNodesWithImage
  • lxd/db: Rename ImageGetNodesWithoutImage to GetNodesWithoutImage
  • lxc/image: Actually refresh multiple images
  • Merge pull request #7286 from freeekanayaka/cleanup-db-function-names-part-2
  • Merge pull request #7288 from stgraber/master
  • Merge pull request #7285 from tomponline/tp-storage-filesystem-regen
  • Merge pull request #7283 from tomponline/tp-storage-volsize-consistency
  • lxd/resources: Use permanent MAC when available
  • Merge pull request #7290 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/qemu: Restrict NUMA layout to x86_64
  • Merge pull request #7293 from stgraber/master
  • Consider all nodes when looking for the leader, not only voters
  • Only attempt to transfer leadership if we are not standalone
  • Merge pull request #7297 from freeekanayaka/try-all-nodes-when-looking-for-leader
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworksNodeConfig to GetNetworksLocalConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkIDsNotPending to GetNonPendingNetworkIDs
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkID to GetNetworkID
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkConfigAdd to CreateNetworkConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename Networks to GetNetworks
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworksNotPending to GetNonPendingNetworks
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworksNotPending to GetNonNetworks
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkGetInterface to GetNetworkWithInterface
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkConfig to getNetworkConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkCreate to CreateNetwork
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkUpdate to UpdateNetwork
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkConfigClear to clearNetworkConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkDelete to DeleteNetwork
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkRename to RenameNetwork
  • lxd/db: Rename NetworkNodeConfigKeys to NodeSpecificNetworkNodeConfig
  • Merge pull request #7299 from freeekanayaka/cleanup-db-function-names-part-3
  • lxd/daemon: Detect nodev and improve errors
  • Merge pull request #7300 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeByAddress to GetNodeByAddress
  • lxd/db: Rename NodePendingByAddress to GetPendingNodeByAddress
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeByName to GetNodeByName
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeName to GetLocalNodeName
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeAddress to GetLocalNodeAddress
  • lxd/db: Rename Nodes to GetNodes
  • lxd/db: Rename NodesCount to GetNodesCount
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeRename to RenameNode
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeAdd to CreateNode
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeAddWithArch to CreateNodeWithArch
  • lxd/db: Rename NodePending to SetNodePendingFlag
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeUpdate to UpdateNode
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeAddRole to CreateNodeRole
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeRemoveRole to RemoveNodeRole
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeUpdateRoles to UpdateNodeRoles
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeRemove to RemoveNode
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeHeartbeat to SetNodeHeartbeat
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeOfflineThreshold to GetNodeOfflineThreshold
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeClear to ClearNode
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeWithLeastContainers to GetNodeWithLeastInstances
  • lxd/db: Rename NodeUpdateVersion to SetNodeVersion
  • lxd/db: Rename Operations to GetLocalOperations
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationsUUIDs to GetLocalOperationsUUIDs
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationNodes to GetNodesWithRunningOperations
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationByUUID to GetOperationByUUID
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationAdd to CreateOperation
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationRemove to RemoveOperation
  • lxd/db: Rename OperationFlush to removeNodeOperations
  • lxd/db: Rename Patches to GetAppliedPatches
  • lxd/db: Rename PatchesMarkApplied to MarkPatchAsApplied
  • lxd/db: Rename Profiles to GetProfileNames
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileGet to GetProfile
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfilesGet to GetProfiles
  • lxd/db: Drop ProfileConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileDescriptionUpdate to UpdateProfileDescription
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileConfigClear to ClearProfileConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileConfigAdd to CreateProfileConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileContainersGet to GetInstancesWithProfile
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfileCleanupLeftover to RemoveUnreferencedProfiles
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfilesExpandConfig to ExpandInstanceConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename ProfilesExpandDevices to ExpandInstanceDevices
  • Merge pull request #7302 from freeekanayaka/rename-db-function-names-part4
  • lxd/storage/drivers/generic/vfs: Dont require access to block device when excluding root image file from rsync in genericVFSMigrateVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/zfs/volumes: Updates MigrateVolume to avoid need to premount snapshot volume
  • Merge pull request #7304 from tomponline/tp-storage-zfs-migration
  • ethtool: add ethtoolGset() helper
  • test/suites/storage/volume/attach: Adds test for custom volume root perm persistence
  • lxd/storage/drivers: Fixes custom volume root mount perm issue for BTRFS and DIR
  • lxc/storage/drivers/volume: Removes keepDevice from Volume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Removes keepDevice usage
  • lxc/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Mount changes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: UnmountVolume modifications
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/ceph/volumes: Esnure permission on volume root set in CreateVolume
  • lxd/resources: Skip NVME multipath entries
  • lxd/db: Rename ProjectNames to GetProjectNames
  • lxd/db: Rename ProjectMap to GetProjectIDsToNames
  • lxd/db: Rename ProjectUpdate to UpdateProject
  • Merge pull request #7310 from tomponline/tp-storage-customvol-chmod
  • lxd/db: Rename ProjectLaunchWithoutImages to InitProjectWithoutImages
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodes to GetRaftNodes
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodeAddresses to GetRaftNodeAddresses
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodeAddress to GetRaftNodeAddress
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodeFirst to CreateFirstRaftNode
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodeAdd to CreateRaftNode
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodeDelete to RemoveRaftNode
  • lxd/db: Rename RaftNodesReplace to ReplaceRaftNodes
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceSnapshotConfigUpdate to UpdateInstanceSnapshotConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename InstanceSnapshotID to GetInstanceSnapshotID
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolsNodeConfig to GetStoragePoolsLocalConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolID to GetStoragePoolID
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolDriver to GetStoragePoolDriver
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolIDsNotPending to GetNonPendingStoragePoolsNamesToIDs
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeJoin to UpdateStoragePoolAfterNodeJoin
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolConfigAdd to CreateStoragePoolConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeConfigs to GetStoragePoolNodeConfigs
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePools to GetStoragePoolNames
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolsNotPending to GetNonPendingStoragePoolNames
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolsGetDrivers to GetStoragePoolDrivers
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolGetID to GetStoragePoolID
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolGet to GetStoragePool
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolConfigGet to getStoragePoolConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolCreate to CreateStoragePool
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolUpdate to UpdateStoragePool
  • Merge pull request #7314 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolConfigClear to clearStoragePoolConfig
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolDelete to RemoveStoragePool
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumesGetNames to GetStoragePoolVolumesNames
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumesGetAllByType to GetStoragePoolVolumesWithType
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumesGet to GetStoragePoolVolumes
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeVolumesGet to GetLocalStoragePoolVolumes
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeSnapshotsGetType to GetLocalStoragePoolVolumeSnapshotsWithType
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeVolumesGetType to GetLocalStoragePoolVolumesWithType
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeVolumeGetTypeByProject to GetLocalStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeUpdateByProject to UpdateStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeDelete to RemoveStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeRename to RenameStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeCreate to CreateStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolNodeVolumeGetTypeIDByProject to GetStoragePoolNodeVolumeID
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolInsertZfsDriver to FillMissingStoragePoolDriver
  • Merge pull request #7312 from tomponline/tp-storage-ceph-shrink
  • Merge pull request #7315 from freeekanayaka/rename-db-function-names-part-5
  • lxd/storage/zfs: Use TryUnmount
  • Merge pull request #7317 from stgraber/master
  • Support two-phase creation of a storage pool on single-node cluster
  • Merge pull request #7325 from freeekanayaka/storage-creation-on-single-node
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Adds setSubvolumeReadonlyProperty function
  • lxd/storag/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Removes readonly argument from snapshotSubvolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs: d.setSubvolumeReadonlyProperty and d.snapshotSubvolume usage
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeGetType to GetStoragePoolVolume
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeSnapshotCreate to CreateStorageVolumeSnapshot
  • lxd/db: Rename StoragePoolVolumeSnapshotUpdateByProject to UpdateStoragePoolVolumeSnapshot
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeSnapshotExpiryGet to GetStorageVolumeSnapshotExpiry
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeSnapshotsGetExpired to GetExpiredStorageVolumeSnapshots
  • resources/ethtool: implement ETHTOOL_GLINKSETTINGS
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Adds getSubvolumesMetaData function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Maintain subvolume readonly state in snapshot
  • lxd/storage/driversr/driver/btrfs/utils: Allow ro subvolumes to be deleted in deleteSubvolume
  • lxd/storag/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Updates MigrateVolume to send subvolumes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Fail backup when cleanup fails in BackupVolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Better naming of variables in unpackVolume
  • lxd/migration/migrate/proto: Adds BTRFS Features to offer header
  • lxd/migration/utils: Adds GetBtrfsFeaturesSlice function
  • lxd/migration/migration/volumes: Adds BTRFS feature support to TypesToHeader
  • lxd/migration/migration/volumes: Adds BTRFS feature support to MatchTypes
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs: Adds BTRFS features to MigrationTypes
  • lxd/storage/memorypipe: Dont make ioutil.ReadAll panic on cancel
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Kill btrfs send on error in sendSubvolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Support subvolumes in receiveSubvolume
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/utils: Adds metadataHeader function
  • lxd/storage/drivers/driver/btrfs/volumes: Updates CreateVolumeFromMigration to receive subvolumes
  • Merge pull request #7327 from brauner/2020-05-06/ethtool
  • Merge pull request #7326 from tomponline/tp-storage-btrfs-snapshot
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeNodeAddresses to GetStorageVolumeNodeAddresses
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeDescriptionGet to GetStorageVolumeDescription
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeNextSnapshot to GetNextStorageVolumeSnapshotIndex
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeCleanupImages to RemoveStorageVolumeImages
  • lxd/db: Rename StorageVolumeMoveToLVMThinPoolNameKey to UpgradeStorageVolumConfigToLVMThinPoolNameKey
  • lxd/db: Update naming pattern for generated database code
  • Merge pull request #7316 from tomponline/tp-storage-btrfs-subvols
  • Merge pull request #7328 from freeekanayaka/rename-db-function-names-part-6
  • client/lxd_images: Fix backward compatibility
  • Merge pull request #7329 from stgraber/master
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Fix migration from snapshot
  • Merge pull request #7330 from stgraber/master
  • i18n: Update translations from weblate

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.

Binary builds are also available for:

  • Linux: snap install lxd
  • MacOS: brew install lxc
  • Windows: choco install lxc