What's distrobuilder?

distrobuilder is an image building tool for LXC and Incus.

It's used to build all our official images available on our image server.

The image definition is a YAML document which describes the source of the image, its package manager, what packages to install/remove for specific image variants, os releases and architectures, as well as additional files to generate and arbitrary actions to execute as part of the image build process.

The output is either a plain root filesystem, an Incus image or a LXC image.

You can see it at work here: https://jenkins.linuxcontainers.org/view/Images/

Installing it

Release tarballs can be found in the Downloads section.

The current build can also be installed directly with:

go install -v -x github.com/lxc/distrobuilder/distrobuilder@latest

Language, licensing and contributions

distrobuilder is written in Go, it's free software and is developed under the Apache 2 license.

There are no CLA or similar legal agreements required to contribute to distrobuilder, however we do require commits be signed-off (following the DCO - Developer Certificate of Ownership).