Source code

The current development version of LXC can be cloned from GitHub with:

git clone git://

Source tarballs from the various stable releases are also available in the downloads section.

Patches sent upstream for review must be based on the current git tree and not on stable releases, unless the bug only affects a stable release.

Patch submission process

Every submitted patch must be signed off by its author.

The easy way is to use : git commit -s

and if you forgot "-s" on a previous commit : git commit --amend -s

The mailing-list way

You may contribute to LXC either by sending a patch or patchset directly on the lxc-devel mailing-list.

You can use git format-patch to generate mailable patch.

Beware of "copy/paste" on mail clients as they can break tabs and lines (see git send-email or git imap-send).

The pull-request way

Fork the repository, create a branch, commit you work (with -s !), and push it.

Then follow the GitHub's doc.