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LXCFS 5.0.1 LTS has been released

26th of July 2022


The LXCFS team is pleased to announce the release of LXCFS 5.0.1!

This is the first bugfix release for LXCFS 5.0 which is supported until June 2027.


Some of the highlights for this release are:

  • Various fixes related to the meson migration
  • Fixes to /sys/devices/system/cpu handling on FUSE2
  • Fix for a formatting issue in /proc/stat
  • Fix for a CGroup2 issue in handling cgroups with no CPU limits
  • Fix to library reload logic

The full list of commits is available below:

Detailed changelog
  • lxcfs_fuse: ensure lxcfs_fuse_compat.h is included after including fuse header
  • tree-wide: remove struct stat argument from DIR_FILLER and make it static inline
  • tree-wide: ensure that file information is set even with legacy fuse
  • tests: add test for issue #522
  • meson: Include documentation
  • workflows: disable documentation generation
  • sysfs: Don't incorrectly filter entries
  • tests: Fix sysfs test
  • utils: add and use opathdir()
  • sysfs_fuse: fix indendation
  • sysfs_fuse: generate file info for cpu entries as well
  • meson: bump fuse version
  • github: add fuse3 tests
  • meson: handle fuse versions with buggy dt_type handling
  • init/meson: Use libdir instead of hardcoded /lib path
  • Query systemd system unit dir.
  • support explicit fuse version choice
  • github: Re-organize Github Actions
  • tests: Skip sysfs test on older FUSE versions
  • init: Fix install paths for sysvinit and openrc
  • meson: Support multiple init systems
  • meson: Syntax nit
  • proc_fuse: extra space in /proc/stat
  • util: remove doubled comment
  • sysfs: correct file size of /sys/devices/system/cpu/online.
  • sysfs: cleanup sys_devices_system_cpu_online_getsize
  • cgroup v2: return cpuset cpu count when no quota is set
  • re-initialize library after reload
  • replace opathdir with opendir_flags
  • github: Restrict permissions
  • github: Validate target branch

Support and upgrade

The LXCFS 5.0 branch is supported until June 2027.
Only bugfixes and securitiy issues get included into the stable bugfix releases, so it's always safe and recommended to keep up and run the latest bugfix release.