How to install distrobuilder#

Installing from package#

distrobuilder is available from the Snap Store.

sudo snap install distrobuilder --classic

Installing from source#

To compile distrobuilder from source, first install the Go programming language, and some other dependencies.

  • Debian-based:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install -y golang-go debootstrap rsync gpg squashfs-tools git
  • ArchLinux-based:

    sudo pacman -Syu
    sudo pacman -S go debootstrap rsync gnupg squashfs-tools git --needed

Second, download the source code of the distrobuilder repository (this repository).

git clone

Third, enter the directory with the source code of distrobuilder and run make to compile the source code. This will generate the executable program distrobuilder, and it will be located at $HOME/go/bin/distrobuilder.

cd ./distrobuilder

Finally, you can run distrobuilder as follows. You may also add to your $PATH the directory $HOME/go/bin/ so that you do not need to run the command with the full path.