The image section describes the image output.

    distribution: <string> # required
    architecture: <string>
    description: <string>
    expiry: <string>
    name: <string>
    release: <string>
    serial: <string>
    variant: <string>

The fields distribution, architecture, description and release are self-explanatory. If architecture is not set, it defaults to the host’s architecture.

The expiry field describes the image expiry. The format is \d+(s|m|h|d|w) (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks), and defaults to 30 days (30d). It’s also possible to define multiple such parts, e.g. 1h 30m 10s.

The name field is used in the Incus metadata as well as the output name for Incus unified tarballs. It defaults to {{ image.distribution }}-{{ image.release }}-{{ image.architecture_mapped }}-{{ image.variant }}-{{ image.serial }}.

The serial field is the image’s serial number. It can be anything and defaults to YYYYmmdd_HHMM (date format).

The variant field can be anything and is used in the Incus metadata as well as for filtering.