- trigger: <string> # required
      action: |-
        echo "Run me"
      architectures: <array> # filter
      releases: <array> # filter
      variants: <array> # filter

Actions are scripts that are to be run after certain steps during the building process. Each action has two fields, trigger and action, as well as some filters. The trigger field describes the step after which the action is to be run. Valid triggers are:

  • post-unpack

  • post-update

  • post-packages

  • post-files

The above list also shows the order in which the actions are processed.

After the root file system has been unpacked, all post-unpack actions are run.

After the package manager has updated all packages, (given that packages.update is true), all post-update actions are run. After the package manager has installed the requested packages, all post-packages actions are run. For more on packages, see packages.

And last, after the files section has been processed, all post-files actions are run. This action runs only for build-lxc, build-incus, pack-lxc, and pack-incus. You can also force enable post-files for build-dir with option --with-post-files For more on files, see generators.