mappings describes an architecture mapping between the architectures from those used in Incus and those used by the distribution. These mappings are useful if you for example want to build a x86_64 image but the source tarball contains amd64 as its architecture.

    architectures: <map>
    architecture_map: <string>

It’s possible to specify a custom map using the architectures field. Here’s an example of a custom mapping:

        i686: i386
        x86_64: amd64
        armv7l: armhf
        aarch64: arm64
        ppc: powerpc
        ppc64: powerpc64
        ppc64le: ppc64el

The mapped architecture can be accessed via Image.ArchitectureMapped in the code or image.architecture_mapped in the definition file.

There are some preset mappings which can be used in the architecture_map field. Those are:

  • alpinelinux

  • altlinux

  • archlinux

  • centos

  • debian

  • funtoo

  • gentoo

  • plamolinux

  • voidlinux