Incus maintains different release branches in parallel:

  • Long term support (LTS) releases: 6.0

  • Feature releases: Incus 0.x

The Incus 6.0 LTS release will be supported until June 2029. The first 2 years of support will include bug and security fixes as well as minor usability improvements. The remaining 3 years of support (following Incus 7.0 LTS’ release) will only feature security updates.

Feature releases are pushed out about monthly and contain new features as well as bugfixes. The normal support length for those releases is until the next release comes out. Some Linux distributions might offer longer support for particular feature releases that they decided to ship.

Support and community

The following channels are available for you to interact with the Incus community.

Bug reports

You can file bug reports and feature requests at:

Community support

Community support is handling at:

Commercial support

Commercial support is currently available from Zabbly for users of their Debian or Ubuntu packages.


The official documentation is available at: