incus restart

Restart instances


Description: Restart instances

incus restart [<remote>:]<instance> [[<remote>:]<instance>...] [flags]


      --all                   Run against all instances
      --console[="console"]   Immediately attach to the console
  -f, --force                 Force the instance to stop
      --timeout               Time to wait for the instance to shutdown cleanly (default -1)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug          Show all debug messages
      --force-local    Force using the local unix socket
  -h, --help           Print help
      --project        Override the source project
  -q, --quiet          Don't show progress information
      --sub-commands   Use with help or --help to view sub-commands
  -v, --verbose        Show all information messages
      --version        Print version number


  • incus - Command line client for Incus